JeeHyun received a Ph.D. in Computer Science at North Carolina State University.
He works in the areas of software engineering, security, and privacy to improve software security and reliability. His advisor is Prof. Laurie Williams. He is a member of the Software Engineering RealSearch group.

Please feel free to contact me  [email: hwang250 </AT/>]

My Research

His research interests span topics in software engineering, security and privacy with use of ideas from data analytics, testing, mining, and formal methods. He develops automated tools and techniques to improve software security and reliability. His research results have been published in the following research domains:

  • Empirical Study/Literature Review/Survey in the area of Security
 - Access Control Policy Evolution: An Empirical Study (Submitted)
 - A Systematic Literature Review on Extensions to Role-Based Access Control (Submitted)
 - Policy-Based Testing [Entry in Encyclopedia of Software Engineering 2010]
  • Security Testing and Debugging: Automated Test Input Generation and Fault Localization/Fixing
  - Systematic Structural Testing of Firewall Policies [SRDS 2008][TNSM 2012]
  - First Step Towards Automatic Correction of Firewall Policy Faults [USENIX LISA 2010][TAAS 2012]
  - Fault Localization for Firewall Policies [SRDS 2009]
  • Performance Measurement and Improvement
 - Designing Fast and Scalable XACML Policy Evaluation Engines [Tool][SIGMETRICS 2008][TC 2011]
 - Selection of Regression System Tests for Security Policy Evolution [ASE 2012]
 - Refactoring Access Control Policies for Performance Improvement [ICPE 2012]

  • Security Policy Analysis using techniques such as Symbolic Model Checking
 - Model Checking for Verification of Mandatory Access Control Models and Properties [IJSEKE 2011]
 - Assessing Quality of Policy Properties in Verification of Access Control Policies [ACSAC 2008]
 - ACPT: A Tool for Modeling and Verifying Access Control Policies [Tool][NIST ACPT][POLICY 2010 Demo]
  • Mining User Activity Patterns
 - Mining Likely Properties of Access Control Policies via Association Rule Mining [DBSec 2010]

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