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Germplasm Available for Distribution

Genetic mapping populations and breeding lines containing exotic germplasm are available for free distribution to researchers.† Except for NAM lines, please contact Jim Holland with requests (see contact information below). NAM lines are distributed by the Maize Genetics Cooperative Stock Center.

89 BC3-derived near-isogenic lines containing introgressions from inbred Tx303 into the B73 inbred background.† The development of the lines is described in Szalma et al. (submitted) and genotypic scores for each line are available.

25 inbred lines derived from crosses between Mo44 and 12 different Latin American maize accessions and selected for adaptation and good combining ability with U.S. germplasm.† The development and evaluation of these lines was described by Tarter et al. (2003), Tarter et al. (2004), and Tarter and Holland (2006).

Charlie Stuberís original B73 x Mo17 RIL population, containing† 204 lines (depending on seed availability).† Not to be confused with the intermated B73 x Mo17 (IBM)population .† Genotypic scores and map coordinates are available. Thanks to Lynn Senior for these data!

Near-isogenic lines

Semi-exotic inbreds derived from Latin American maize accessions

B73 x Mo17 Recombinant Inbred Lines

USDA-ARS Maize Breeding and Genetics at NCSU

We developed a third of the 5,000 maize Nested Association Mapping (NAM) lines as part of the Maize Diversity Project. Seeds are available for public distribution through the Maize Genetics Cooperative Stock Center. The lines have been mapped with ~1,100 SNP markers; data are available.

Nested Association Mapping Lines