Jim Holland is a Research Geneticist for the USDA and Associate Professor, NC State University.  Born in Massachusetts and resident of many other places, he graduated in 1989 from Johns Hopkins U. with a BA in Biology.  He received an MS from Univ. of Wisconsin and a PhD from NCSU, then worked as an Assistant Prof. in oat breeding and genetcs at Iowa State U.  In 1999, he moved to his current job as maize phenomicist in Raleigh, NC.  Besides corn, he mainly likes music (Messiaen to Monk to Minutemen and more), literature (Dante, Borges, Dostoevsky, Shakespeare, O’Connor, Tolstoy et al.), and food.

Jim Holland

Josie Bloom is a Biological Science Technician for USDA/ARS.  She manages the DNA marker/genotyping laboratory for the maize breeding and genetics group and is researching gametophyte factors in maize. Josie is originally from Havelock, NC.  She has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Molecular Biology/Biotechnology from East Carolina University. She is an accomplished graphic artist, but had nothing to do with this web page layout so don’t blame her for that!

Josie Bloom

Team Corn ARS-NCSU

Dramatis Personae:

The Comically Inept and Distracted Boss — Jim Holland

The Minister of Laboratory Management — Josie Bloom

The Minister of Agricultural Field Experimentation — Jason Brewer

The Post-Doctoral Researchers Hoping This Does Not Ruin Their Careers—

                 Luis Fernando Samayoa Lopez    

                 Ryan Andres

                 Jeff Dunne

                 Maggie Wagner (sort of, she’s mostly working with Peter Balint-Kurti)

The Graduate Students Hoping This Does Not Ruin Their Careers—

                 Shang Xue

                 Thiago Marino

                 Mathew Smith

The Cheerfully Laboring Undergraduate and Peasant Help:

                 Lais Marino

                 Danielle Allery (when not teaching high school science!)

And we shall not soon forget the members of the Hall of Fame

Jason is a USDA Biological Science Technician who makes the field program happen. He grew up on a farm somewhere in the hinterlands of Wisconsin and received his B.S. in Agronomy from U. of Wisconsin-River Falls. He received an M.S. in corn physiology from Purdue U.  He did not quit after watching his boss jump start a corn combine with a Toyota Camry on the first week of the job. That is fortitude!

Jason Brewer

USDA-ARS Maize Breeding and Genetics at NCSU

Team corn pollinators, 2010 (L-R): Jim Holland, Steve Pigozzo, Will Upchurch, Kristen Kump, Charlie Zila, Jim Zila (hiding), Shilpa Sood, Monica Hodge, Sara Wang, Jason Brewer, Hsiaoyi Hung

Team corn pollinators, 2012 (L-R): Laura Morales (innocent bystander from Cornell), Mahendra Dia, Sara Davidson-Dyer, John Stevens, Luis Fernando Samayoa (visiting from Spain), Jason Brewer, David Horne, Charlie Zila, Colt Jackson, Jim Holland.

Shang is originally from Shandong, China, and received her B.S. from Shandong University. She is in the NCSU Bioinformatics Ph.D. program, although she now knows how to pollinate and harvest corn on top of PERL programming! Shang is working on GWAS methods and also mapping  domestication related traits in maize.

Shang Xue

Matthew Smith

Matthew received a BS in Design from Clemson University then flew planes and drove trucks until he realized the corn was cooler than either of those things. He is working on protein composition and the use of fungicides as growth regulators in maize. 

Team corn pollinators and harvest tag makers, 2014 clockwise from top left:

Erin Burch, Stefy Castro-Vazquez, Danielle Allery, Sarah Davidson-Dyer

Team corn 2013 (L-R): Back row: Funda Ogut, Josie, Bloom, Philip Balele, Jason Brewer, David Horne, Charlie Zila. Front row: Shang Xue, Brittany Scott, Shilpa Sood, Sara Davidson-Dyer, Amy Goodling.

Thiago received his M.S. in plant breeding from the State University of Londrina, Brazil. His studies are funded by a Brazilian federal government fellowship. He is the resident expert on breeding for resistance to Fusarium ear rot in maize.

Thiago Marino

Team corn, 2015. Front row (L—R): Danielle Allery, Paula Gordon, Tiffany Jamann, Sarah Davidson-Dyer, Shang Xue. Back row (L—R): Yang Bian, Erin Burch, Josie Bloom, Bode Olukolu, Jason Brewer, Lais Marino, Thiago Marino.

Fernando is originally from Tecún Umán in Guatemala. He has worked in banana production and bean germplasm research in Guatemala and received his Ph.D. in maize breeding and genetics from Misión Biológica de Galicia – CSIC in Pontevedra, Spain. At NCSU, he is working on inbreeding depression in maize landraces.

Fernando Samayoa Lopez

Team corn pollinators,  2016: In front:  Danielle Allery.  Middle row: Wendy Buchanan, Sarah Davidson-Dyer, Ben Balint-Kurti, Lorenzo Stagnati, Matthew Smith. Last row: Fernando Samayoa, Jason Brewer, Thiago Marino, Lais Bastos Martins, Jim Holland.

Ryan was born in New York but moved to Cary, NC at a young age. After obtaining a B.S. in Biology from Elon U., he earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in Crop Science from NCSU, working primarily on leaf shape in cotton. He is working on cross-incompatibility and photoperiod response. 

Ryan Andres

Jeff is originally from Michigan, and holds B.S. and M.S. degrees  in Crop and Soils Sciences from Michigan State. He received M.S. in Analytics and Ph.D. in Crop Science at NCSU, working on grass breeding and genetics. In summer of 2016, he was promoted to work on corn, the king of grasses! He is developing a haplotype-based linkage mapping and prediction method for multiple family mapping populations. He’s pretty good at hockey, we hear.

Jeff Dunne

Lais is from Brazil and received her B.S. in Agronomy from  the State University of Londrina. She will start her M.S. in January 2017 working with Jim and Peter Balint-Kurti on genetics of disease resistance in corn. Lais plans our parties and is brewer in training.

Lais Bastos Martins