Quantitative Genetics Resources

Bruce Walsh’s site at University of Arizona, with extensive links to software, Walsh and Lynch’s upcoming book, and Wyman Nyquist’s quantitative genetics course notes, among other goodies.

Related Links


Plant Genetics and Breeding


The Maize Genetics Database.  Home of maps, markers, mapping data, phenotype data, and more.  Includes a PDF of Burnham’s classic cytogenetics text.


The official website for the NSF-funded “Molecular and Functional Diversity of Maize Project”. 

National Plant Germplasm System

Home of the nation’s plant genetic resources.  Searchable catalog of seed stocks, with pedigree information, characterization data, and order form to request seed.


The International Center for Maize and Wheat Improvement, Mexico.  The leading international center for improving maize for the developing world.

North Carolina Official Variety Trials

Cultivar performance trials for corn and other crops in North Carolina.

Contact information:

Phone: 919-513-4198

Fax: 919-515-7959

E-mail: james_holland@ncsu.edu

USDA-ARS Maize Breeding and Genetics at NCSU



Major Goodman

Major is the world authority on maize genetic diversity.  Everything we know we learned from Major.

Peter Balint-Kurti

Peter is a USDA Research Geneticist working on quantitative disease resistance in maize in the Department of Plant Pathology, NCSU.


Gary Payne

Gary is a world authority on Aspergillus and other fungal pathogens of maize.

Ed Buckler

Ed is the leader of the pack on association mapping and diversity-based maize functional genomics.  His site has some nice bioinformatics and statistical tools.


Internet Radio Sites and podcasts (not really related, but…)

KEXP, Seattle, Washington

Excellent source for new music.  Freeform but concentrating on indie rock stuff.

KCRW, Santa Monica, California

Another excellent West Coast site. NPR station that plays cool music in the morning.

WXYC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Those kids up in Chapel Hill got it goin on.  Tidbit—this is THE first station to broadcast on the internet.

WXDU, Durham, North Carolina

Dukie kids got it goin on.

Mike McMullen

Mike is a USDA maize geneticist at University of Missouri-Columbia. He is another hero of mine. Also, Sherry Flint-Garcia is another close collaborator located at Columbia, MO.

Randy Wisser

Randy is a maize geneticist at the University of Delaware and my former homeboy at NCSU.

WKNC, Raleigh, North Carolina

NCSU’s campus radio station.  Used to be terrible, back in the day (the early ‘90s, I mean), but pretty good now. Watch out for Friday night metal show; a big favorite down at Central Prison, I hear. 

WSHA, Raleigh, North Carolina

Shaw University’s jazz station.  Ranges from OK in the AM (with some trips down Horrid Smooth Jazz Lane) to outstanding later in the day.  Occasionally, one of the late evening DJs will let loose some crazed free jazz, hoo-ray!

WFMU, Jersey City, NJ

The granddaddy of freeform radio in the USA.  Sometimes too crazy even for me (which, folks, is saying A LOT).

WDNA, Miami, Florida

This is what I listen to when pollinating corn in our winter nursery in Homestead, FL.  A fantastic station. Frank Consola’s AM show is great, and the Latin Jazz Quarter at lunchtime is sweet.  Also check out the wild ethnic programming on the weekend.  French hip hop? Indian music from the West Indies with tablas and steel drums? Huh?

Alt.Latino from NPR

Muy cool.

This American Life from NPR

The best.

Radiolab from WNYC

Also the best. Science-oriented and funny and great.

Snap Judgement from NPR

So good. Glynn Washington makes me laugh.

BBC Radio, UK

So much great stuff.  Hit the link to “Open BBC Radio Player” and go nuts.  Favorites include Charlie Gillett’s World of Music, Andy Kershaw’s show, the Late Junction show, and the celtic music shows.

Conzertender, The Netherlands

Amazing range of “serious” music, from baroque to ear-splitting post-modern.  Jazz and world music get thrown in occasionally, too.  Since I can’t read dutch, I haven’t a clue as to what the schedule is, I just tune in for random surprises.

WNCU, Durham, North Carolina

NC Central U.’s mostly jazz station.  Very, very good for classic jazz, plus funk, reggae, and world music on the weekends.

WCPE, Raleigh, North Carolina

Our local, community-supported classical music station.  A little to pleasant for my taste, but they recently introduced “Soundwaves” on Sunday 9 PM EST with more recent composers. Thanks, y’all!