James H. Hunt


The Evolution of Social Wasps

2007    Oxford University Press     xxi + 259 pp

Table of Contents


    Quarterly Review of Biology (Deborah Gordon)
    BioScience (Francis Ratnieks)
    Animal Behaviour (Sean O'Donnell)


    Oikos (Thibaud Monnin & Juergen Liebig)

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Nourishment and Evolution in Insect Societies

co-edited with Christine A. Nalepa

1994   Westview Press / Oxford & IBH Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.    
xii + 449pp

Table of Contents


    Animal Behaviour (Stanton Braude)
    Quarterly Review of Biology (William T. Wicslo and Mary Jane West-Eberhard)

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Selected Readings in Sociobiology

1980     McGraw-Hill Book Co.    
xv + 447 pp

Table of Contents

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