Joshua G Pierce

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Prof. Joshua Pierce

North Carolina State University

Department of Chemistry

Campus Box 8204

Raleigh, NC 27695-8204

Professor Joshua Pierce was born and raised in northwestern Pennsylvania and obtained a B.S. with Honors in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh.  Upon graduation he continued with graduate studies at Pitt under the direction of Professor Peter Wipf.  During these years his research was focused on organometallic methods development, natural product total synthesis and medicinal chemistry.

After defending his thesis in the fall of 2008, Joshua moved across the country to begin Postdoctoral studies with Professor Dale Boger at The Scripps Research Institute.  Research interests centered around complex natural product analogue synthesis, semi-synthesis and antimicrobial compound development. 

Together these research experiences have provided an appreciation of the important role complex molecule synthesis plays in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and biology.  Professor Pierce’s research at NC State explores cutting edge problems in natural products synthesis and organic methods development with a constant goal of high impact contributions to chemistry, biology and materials science. 

Prof. Joshua Pierce

NC State University, Dept. of Chemistry

2620 Yarbrough Drive, 45 Dabney Hall

Raleigh, NC 27695

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