Meitzen Lab Team: from left, top row: David Dorris, Steve Demeny, Dr. Jinyan Cao and Beverly Setzer; bottom row: Laura Ginnari, Dr. Amanda Krentzel, Dr. John Meitzen, Hannah Morris and Stephanie Proano. Not Pictured: Jaime Willett and Natalie Truby.


John Meitzen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Principal Investigator

Jinyan Cao, Ph.D. M.D.

Research Associate


David Dorris

Laboratory Technician


Amanda Krentzel, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Associate


Graduate Students:

     Jaime Willett

     Stephanie Proano



     Hannah Morris

     Steve Demeny

     Natalie Truby

Lab Alumni:

     Caitlin Minnehan

     Caitlin Hauser

     Jordan Wong

     Tyler Will

     Ashlyn Johnson

     Lindsey Kunz

     Kiersten Kronschnabel

     Andrea Vogel

     Opal Patel

     Laura Ginnari

     Beverly Setzer

Lab Fun!

  • Caitlin, Tyler and Dr. Meitzen having fun at the Annual David Clark Labs Ice Cream Social

  • Tyler showing off his Jenga skills by playing using his feet

  • John watches as Tyler refines his technique

  • John, not wanting to be showed up by his undergrad, joins in the Jenga fun

  • The Meitzen Lab taking a break from science to enjoy the sun and show off our cornhole skills.

Past Lab Photos

Meitzen Lab Team: from left Jordan Wong, Jaime Willett, Caitlin Hauser, Dr. Jinyan Cao and David Dorris; bottom Dr. John Meitzen

Meitzen Lab Team: from left Dr. Jinyan Cao, Ashlyn Johnson, Dr. John Meitzen, Jaime Willett, Stephanie Proano and David Dorris

Meitzen Lab Team: from left, top row: Jaime Willett, Dr. Jinyan Cao, Andrea Vogel, Dr. John Meitzen, Laura Ginnari and David Dorris; bottom row: Lindsey Kunz, Opal Patel, Ashlyn Johnson, Kiersten Kronschnabel and Stephanie Proano.