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Symbolic Computation Group at NCSU       Symbolic Computation Seminar

ECCAD 2014: Emerging Methodologies and Applications of Computer Algebra

ICMS 2014 Session: Software for Numerical Algebraic Geometry

Numerically Solving Polynomial Systems with Bertini
D.J. Bates, J.D. Hauenstein, A.J. Sommese, and C.W. Wampler
Software, Environments, and Tools 25, SIAM, 2013.

Also available at Amazon.

alphaCertified is a software package designed to certify numerical solutions to polynomial equations currently being developed by J.D. Hauenstein and F. Sottile.
  Download alphaCertified Version 1.3

Bertini is a software package for Numerical Algebraic Geometry currently being developed by D.J. Bates, J.D. Hauenstein, A.J. Sommese, and C.W. Wampler.
  Clusters running Bertini

cadenza is a software package designed to certify numerical path tracking currently being developed by J.D. Hauenstein, I. Haywood, and A.C. Liddell, Jr.

In The News:
Technician (NCSU Student Newspaper) on Sloan Fellowship (Spring 2014)
Math Prof Named Sloan Research Fellow (NC State University, Spring 2014)
Sloan Research Fellowships 2014 announcement in the New York Times (Spring 2014)
College of Science News on DARPA YFA (NC State University, Fall 2013)
Undergraduate Mathematics Newsletter (NC State University, Fall 2012)
The Math Moment (University of Findlay, June 2010)

Postdoctoral Researchers:
      2014 - current: Daniel A. Brake
      2013 - current: Dhagash Mehta

Graduate Researchers:
      2013 - current: Alan C. Liddell, Jr.
      2013 - current: Tulay Ayyildiz Akoglu (joint with Agnes Szanto)
      2013 - current: Noah S. Daleo

Undergraduate Researchers:
      2012 - 2013: Jonathan Page
      2011 - 2012: Zachary A. Griffin

Sloan Research Fellowship
DARPA Young Faculty Award (YFA)
Teaching Excellence Award (SLATE)

DMS 1262428     FA8650-13-1-7317           YFA 2013                 Sloan Research
DMS 1114336                                                                                   Fellow 2014

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