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Recent Publications (2009-Present)

Iglecia, M. N., J. A. Collazo, and A. J. McKerrow.  In Press.  Use of occupancy models to evaluate expert and knowledge-based species-habitat relationships.  Avian Conservation and Ecology.

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Borkhataria, R. R, P. C. Frederick, R. A. Keller, and J. A. Collazo.  2012.  Temporal variation in local wetland hydrology influences postdispersal survival of juvenile wood storks (Mycteria Americana).  Auk 129:1-12.

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Publications (2000-2008)

Lyons, J. E., J. A. Collazo and C. G. Guglielmo.  2008.  Plasma Metabolites and Migration Physiology of Semipalmated Sandpipers: Refueling performance at five latitudes.  Oecologia 155:417-427.

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White, T. H., G. G. Brown, and J. A. Collazo.  2006.  Artificial cavities and nest-site selection by Puerto Rican Parrots: a multiscale assessment.  Avian Conservation and Ecology 1 (3): 5 [online] URL:  http://www.ace-eco.org/vol1/iss3/art5/

Allen, J. C., S. M. Krieger, J. R. Walters, and J. A. Collazo.  2006.  Associations of breeding birds with fire-influenced and riparian-upland gradients in a longleaf pine ecosystem.  Auk 123:1110-1128.

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Chapters (Peer-reviewed)

Drew, C. A. and J. A. Collazo.  2011.  Expert knowledge as a foundation for management of secretive species and their habitat (Chapter 5).  Perera A.H., Drew C.A., and Johnson C,J. (eds), Expert Knowledge and its Application in Landscape Ecology.  Springer, New York.

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Accepted or In Revision (requested by Journal Editor)

Rogers, S. L., J. A. Collazo, and C. A. Drew.  Accepted.  Occupancy and Abundance of King Rails in Fire Managed Coastal Marshes.  Waterbirds.

Obernuefemann, Kelsey P., J. A. Collazo, and J. E. Lyons.  Accepted.  Local movements and wetland connectivity at a migratory stopover of Semipalmated Sandpipers in southeastern United States.  Waterbirds.

Collazo, J. A., P. F. Fackler, K. Pacifici, T. H. White, and I. Llerandi-Roman.  In revision.  Optimal allocation of captive-reared Puerto Rican Parrots: decisions when divergent dynamics characterize managed populations.  The Journal of Wildlife Management.

Matechou, E., B.J.T. Morgan, S. Pledger, J.A. Collazo and J.E. Lyons.  In revision.  Integrated analysis of capture-recapture-resighting data and counts of unmarked birds at stop-over sites.  JABES.


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