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Corpus del espaņol de Raleigh-Durham (CERD)Photo of Raleigh NC
North Carolina has one of the fastest growing Hispanic populations in the country, with one of the largest Hispanic populations concentrated in the Raleigh-Durham metro area (Kasarda & Johnson 2006). As such, this region provides an ideal laboratory for Spanish dialect and sociolinguistic research.

consists of a growing corpus of digital sociolinguistic interviews of Spanish-speakers in the Triangle Region of North Carolina, with the purpose of providing a source for faculty and students undertaking research on Spanish dialects or Spanish in contact with English, as well as other areas of linguistics that depend on the analysis of spontaneous speech.

The corpus includes interviews with both native-born and heritage speakers of Spanish, from a wide variety of Latin American countries and Spain. Currently there are approximately 100 interviews in the corpus (50+ hours), with more being collected every semester.

Students and faculty may request access to the interviews by emailing Dr. Jim Michnowicz.

A list of available interviews will be posted in the near future.

Students wishing to work on the Corpus should contact Dr. Michnowicz.
Goals of CERD
  • Provide a readily available, digital corpus of Spanish spoken in Raleigh-Durham, NC for use by faculty and students at NC State and elsewhere.
  • Document the stories of immigrant and native-born Spanish-speakers in central NC
  • Through data collection, allow graduate and undergraduate students in Hispanic Linguistics courses to develop skills in sociolinguistic research methods

CERD has been reviewed and approved by the NC State Institutional Review Board, IRB #1586
Photo by Mark Turner