Syllabus for MA 421  Section 001, Fall 2017, Room 339 Riddick Hall, 1:55--2:45

1.   Instructor:  Jack W. Silverstein
Office:  4214 SAS Hall
Office Hours:  Mon. Wed. Fri. 3:00-4:00
Phone Number:  919 515 7864
E-mail address:

First exam from fall '15

Second exam from fall '15

The solid associated with problem 26

Third exam from fall '15

Final exam from fall '15

Answers to the final exam

2.  Goals and Objectives:

      To provide students in mathematics, statistics, engineering, and
      the sciences with an understanding of probability theory as a mathematical
      subject, and how it can be used to model and analyze random phenomena.

3. Textbook:

    A First Course in Probability, Ninth Edition by Sheldon Ross,
    2014, Pearson, ISBN-13: 978-0-321-79477-2

4. Topics and estimated days allocated to each topics:

    Chapter    1.     Combinatorial Analysis                    (3 days)
    Chapter   2.     Axioms of Probability                       (5 days)
    Chapter   3.     Conditional Probabiliity                    (6 days)
                                  and Independence
    Chapter   4.     Random Variables                              (6 days)
    Chapter   5.     Continuous Random Variables           (5 days)
    Chapter   6.     Jointly Distributed Random               (5 days)
    Chapter   7.     Properties of Expectation                   (5 days)
    Chapter   8.     Limit Theorems                                  (3 days)

   Final exam given on Wednesday December 13, 1--4.

5. Tentative schedule of reading assignments

    Students are expected to read sections of the text at the same
    time they are covered in class.

6. Tentative schedule of homework due dates, quizzes and tests

    Homework is assigned almost every day.

    Three exams, the date for each to be given over one week in advance.

7. Determination of grades: + and - system will be used.

    Each of the three exams will count 25% each. The final exam will also count 25%.
    The final average will determine middle C.
    A and B ranges will be on an approximate 10 point basis, with + - set at the
    extremes of the cut-offs.
    For students missing 5 or less days of class, their final average will be the larger
    of the averaged 4 exams and the final exam.

    Attendance:    Required