Syllabus for MA 405-001, Spring 2016, Room 2225 SAS Hall, 9:35--10:25 am

1.   Instructor:  Jack W. Silverstein
Office:  4214 SAS Hall
Office Hours:  Mon. Wed. Fri. 11:00 - 12:00
Phone Number:  919 515 7864
E-mail address:

First exam from summer '13

Second exam from summer '13

Third exam from summer '13

Final exam from summer '13

Answers to the final exam from summer '13

2.  Goals and Objectives:

      To introduce students to the basic concepts from linear algebra and matrix theory.

3. Textbook:

    Linear Algebra with Applications, Ninth Edition by Steven J. Leon,
    2014, Pearson Prentice Hall, ISBN-13: 978-0321962218
    For price, call NCSU bookstore at 919-515-2161

4. Schedule:

     no. of lectures         Section         Topics

                4                   1.1,1.2         Linear systems of equations, elementary row operations, row echelon form
                                                                  of a matrix, Gauss elimination

                5                   1.3-1.6         Matrix algebra: definition of a matrix, operations with matrices and their
                                                                  properties, invertible matrices, inverse of a matrix. Elementary matrices
                                                                  and LU factorization. Partitioned matrices

                3                   2.1-2.3         Determinants and their properties; applications of determinants: finding
                                                                  the inverse of a matrix, Cramer's Rule

                2                                       Review and Exam 1

                6                   3.1-3.6         Vector spaces: axioms, subspaces, spanning sets, linear independence of
                                                                  of vectors. Basis and dimension of vector space, coordinate matrix,
                                                                  fundamental subspaces associated with a matrix, the relationship between
                                                                  the rank and the nullity of a matrix

                2                                       Review and Exam 2

                3                   4.1-4.3         Linear transformations: definition, examples, matrix representation of linear
                                                                  transformations between Euclidean vector spaces, similarity between matrices

                2                   5.1,5.4         Scalar product in Rn. Inner product spaces

                3                   5.5-5.6         Orthogonal and orthonormal sets/bases, Gram-Schmidt process

              2                                        Review and Exam 3

              2                    6.1,6.3         Eigenvalues and eigenvectors, diagonalization of a matrix

              8                    6.4-6.7         Hermitian matrices, singular value decomposition, quadratic forms, positive
                                                            definite matrices

              1                                        Review for final exam, given on Monday May 2, 8-11am.

5. Tentative schedule of reading assignments

    Students are expected to read sections of the text at the same
    time they are covered in class.

6. Tentative schedule of homework due dates, quizzes and tests

    Homework is assigned almost every day.

    Three exams, the date for each to be given at least one week in advance.

7. Determination of grades: + and - system will be used.

    Each of the three exams will count 25% each. The final exam will also count 25%.

    The final average will determine middle C.

    A and B ranges will be on an approximate 10 point basis, with + - set at the
    extremes of the cut-offs.

    For students missing 5 or less days of class, their final average will be the larger
    of the averaged 4 exams and the final exam.

    Attendance:    Required

8. Policy on incomplete grades:

    Incomplete grades will not be given.

9. Policy on absences (excused and unexcused) and scheduling makeup work:

The attendance policy is consistent with the Academic Regulations which can be found at (link)
Concerning the H1N1 flu, please follow the draft contained in the "Class Attendance Policy" section of (link)
10. Course Prerequisites / Restrictive Statements:
More information is available at (link)
11. Academic Integrity Statement:
Students are expected to follow university guidelines available at (link)

12. NC State policy on working with students with disabilities:
Information can be found at (link)

13. Statement on laboratory safety or risk assumption in courses requiring physical activity or field trips:
14. Statement on "pass-through" charges e.g. , lane rental at bowling alley, field trip costs, etc.: