MA580/CSC580, Spring 2015
Numerical Analysis I

Time and Place: MWF 9:10-10:00am,   1218 SAS Hall

Instructor:  Prof. Ilse Ipsen
4234 SAS Hall, 515-3399
email: ipsen at dot ncsu dot edu
office hours: MF 10-11am, and by appointment

Webpages for MA580/CSC580: 

Prerequisites:  MA405; MA425 or MA511; high-level computer language

Topics:  Linear systems, least squares, singular value decomposition, eigenvalue decompositions,
sensitivity and perturbation theory, numerical stability of algorithms





Course Grade 

  • Homeworks:  30%
  • Best of 2 midterm exams:  35%
  • Final exam:  35%
  • A+: 96-100%, A: 90-95%, B+: 86-89%, B:80-85%, C: 65-79%

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