Irina Kogan

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics
North Carolina State University
SAS Hall, room 3146
Campus Box 8205 , Raleigh, NC, 27695-8205
Phone: (919) 513-7437, Fax: (919) 513-7336

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Teaching and Advising:

  • Fall 2014: MA-591-002 -Introductions to Differential Topology. (Syllabus)

  • During 2013-2014 academic year, I am on sabbatical leave participating in the IMA Thematic Year on Scientific and Engineering Applications of Algebraic Topology

  • Past Courses

  • Math Circle in the Triangle

  • Math Honors Program

  • Graduate Students
  • What do grad students in math do all day?

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    Selected Presentations

    Math Programs for Youth

    There are many wonderful programs in Mathematics for talented youth. The following unsorted list is by no means complete. I compiled it from programs that I am more familiar with so I have an easy reference for people asking for a recommendation.

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