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H. Joel Trussell

Electrical and Computer Engineering
North Carolina State University

BS Georgia Institute of Technology, 1967
MS Florida State University, 1968
PhD University of New Mexico, 1976
Fellow IEEE, 1994

Joel Trussell joined the faculty of N.C. State University in 1980, after having worked for 11 years in image processing at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Joel's research interests include estimation theory, color imaging, signal and image restoration and reconstruction, and new mathematical techniques applied to image and signal processing. Specific applications include color measurement and reproduction, image restoration, system characterization, and improved signal measurement. He and his students have won two Best Paper Awards in IEEE Transactions.

Courses Taught Recently

ECE542 Neural Networks (Syllabus Spring 2016)

ECE558 Digital Imaging Systems (Syllabus Fall 2016)

ECE220 Foundations of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Representative Publications


H. J. Trussell and M. J. Vrhel, Foundations of Digital Imaging, Cambridge University Press,  2008

Huiwen Zeng and H. J. Trussell, “CONSTRAINED DIMENSIONALITY REDUCTION USING A MIXED-NORM PENALTY FUNCTION WITH NEURAL NETWORKS,” IEEE Trans. Knowledge and Data Engineering, Vol. 22, No. 3, pp365-380, March 2010. (Spotlight paper award for March 2010 issue)


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