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Carolina gopher frog

Will Fields and Gopher Frog
Will Fields holding a Carolina gopher frog
Carolina Gopher Frog

Our research on Carolina gopher frogs is targeted at monitoring their population sizes, determining habitat requirements, and understanding factors that limit their dispersal.  The Carolina gopher frog is one of the rarest frog species in the southeastern US, and is a Federal Species of Concern.  It occupies ephemeral pools that fill during winter rains.  Its populations are declining due to loss of these wetlands, and to old growth longleaf pine forests where they spend the non-breeding period.

Before coming to NC State, postdoc Nicole Thurgate conducted her dissertation research on the endangered Dusky gopher frog in Mississippi.

Our research on St. Francis satyr is funded by DoD, Department of the Army, Endangered Species Branch at Ft. Bragg and the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program
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