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Who are we?

The Ecology Graduate Group (EGG) is a focal research group of the Department of Zoology at North Carolina State University. Our faculty collaborate with many other ecologists in departments across campus. Our faculty work on taxa ranging from Begonias to Bears and study scales from genes to continents. Our strengths are broadly in the Ecology of Aquatic Systems, the Ecology of Dispersal, Social Insect Ecology, Quantitative Ecology, and Conservation Biology.  Together with associated faculty in other departments, we represent one of the largest Ecology groups in the nation and are known for our innovative approaches, for our applications of ecology to problems of societal concern, and for our collegialitly.

Ecology faculty in the Department of Zoology
Derek Aday, Ecology and Fisheries Joe Hightower, Fish Ecology
Jeff Buckel, Fish Ecology Tom Kwak, Fish Ecology
Jaime Collazo, Avian Ecology and Conservation Biology
John Miller, Fish Ecology
Rob Dunn, Ecology and Conservation Biology
Marianne Niedzlek-Feaver, Evolutionary Ecology
Jim Gilliam, Behavioral and Quantitative Ecology
Ken Pollock, Quantitative Ecology
Nick Haddad, Ecology and Conservation Biology
Roger Powell, Behavioral Ecology
Hal Heatwole, Reptile and Amphibian Ecology
Jim Rice, Aquatic Ecology

Ted Simons, Ecology and Conservation Biology

Some other NCSU ecologists with whom we collaborate
Marine, Earth, & Atmospheric Sciences
Kevin Gross, Quantitative Ecology
Dave Eggleston, Marine Ecology and Conservation
Alun Lloyd, Disease Ecology
Donna Wolcott, Marine Ecology

Tom Wolcott, Marine Ecology

JoAnn Burkholder, Aquatic Ecology
Plant Pathology
Bill Hoffman, Physiological Ecology
Shuijin Hu, Microbial Ecology
Jon Stucky, Conservation Biology

Tom Wentworth, Community Ecology

Cavell Brownie, Quantitative Ecology

Fred Gould, Evolutionary Ecology
Forestry & Environmental Resources
Jules Silverman, Population and Community Ecology
Phil Doerr, WIldlife Ecology
Ed Vargo, Population Genetics
George Hess, Landscape Ecology

Richard Lancia, Wildlife Ecology
Veterinary Medicine
Chris Moorman, Avian Ecology
Jay Levine, Disease Ecology and Conservation
Ted Shear, Restoration Ecology
Michael Stoskopf, Disease Ecology and Conservation

Other resources for ecologists at NCSU
Programs at NCSU
Ecology at Nearby Universities
Biomathematics Program
Duke's Biology Department
Fisheries and Wildlife Program
Duke's Nicholas School of the Environment
Keck Center in Behavioral Biology
UNC-Chapel Hill's Ecology Program