BIO 360  Ecology

Review Questions, Exam 3

1.  What are the genetic factors that affect small populations?  What conservation approaches can be used to counteract these effects?

3.  What evolutionary tradeoffs do diseases face?  How do diseases modify their host's behaviors to promote their transmission?

4.  How can predators and their prey coexist?  How can two competing species coexist?  (alternatively, why might these interacting species be expected not to exist together?)

5.  What is biocontrol?  What are important characteristics of biocontrol organisms that are introduced to control pest populations?

6.  How do we modify the exponential growth equation to represent effects of predators and prey on each other in mathematical models?  How can the outcomes of predator-prey intercations be analyzed graphically?

7.  Make sure to understand the difference between exploitative and interference competition, as well as between inter- and intra-specific competition.

8.  How do we modify the logistic equation to represent effects of competitors on each other in mathematical models?  How can the outcomes of competition be analyzed graphically?

9.  What is coevolution?  What are examples of coevolution?

10.  What are the three classes of mutualisms?  Name examples of each.

11.  How do new species form?