AEC 360  Ecology

Review Questions, Exam 2

1.  Why do animals migrate?  How do they navigate in migration?

2.  What is the difference between dispersal and migration?

3. In population ecology, what characteristics of a population can be measured?  How do ecologists determine the size of a population?

4.  How would you determine future population size in a population exhibiting geometric population growth?  Exhibiting exponential population growth?  Can a population grow exponentially?

5. What factors influence the growth rate of the human population, and how should the size of the human population change in the future?

6.  What is the difference between the per capita growth rate and the total population growth rate?  How would you determine the per capita growth rate for an age-structured population?  In an age structured population, how would changes in survivorship affect the per capita growth rate if those changes occurred early versus late in an organism's lifetime?

7.  What is the difference between density-dependent and density-independent population growth?  What are the implications of logistic population growth for the per capita and total population growth rates? 

8. How can information about population growth rates help in fisheries management?  Why does this approach still not typically work?

9.  What are the genetic factors that affect small populations?  What conservation approaches can be used to counteract these effects?