Extra Credit Opportunity 1:

Problem:  Grandma Johnson had very sentimental feelings toward Johnson Canyon, Utah where she and her late husband had honeymooned long ago.  Because of these feelings, when she died she requested to be buried under a creosote bush in the canyon.  Using what you have learned about carbon cycling, draw arrows on the picture below to indicate the path of a carbon atom from Grandma Johnsonís remains to inside the stomach lining of the coyote. 
NOTE:  The coyote does not dig up and consume any part of Grandma Johnsonís remains.

Answer:  Arrows should point from Grandma Johnson to Decomposers to Atmosphere (recipient of respiration by decomposers) to Creosote Bush (incorporates carbon through photosynthesis) to Prairie Dog (herbivore) to Coyote (predator)