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Me with my bicycle
Success! On Saturday 2013 Sept 7 I rode 120k (75mi) out of New Bern, NC, in support of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I raised $1,510 thanks to generous contributions from family, friends, and colleagues - thanks to everyone!

It was a beautiful, blue-sky day - 15C (60F) in the morning rising to about 27C (81F) in the early afternoon when I finished.

Final stats for my ride, which I completed on my fixed gear (46x18) bicycle were 120.05km (74.6mi) at 31.1kph (19.3mph) in 3:51.
fyxation Eastside bicycle
Here I am at the end of the ride in Union Park, New Bern, NC.

fyxation Eastside bicycle
This year I'm going to do the ride on the fyxation Eastside fixed gear bicycle that I built up during the first half of the year.

Ride start photo 2008
At the ride start, 2008 - that's me under the yellow arrow, with my three riding mates in the same kit - Peter behind off my left shoulder, David in front to my left, and Trey front left of him.

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