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Graduate Students - Updated 2018 Feb 28
I have no funding available for graduate stipends at the moment and therefore am not accepting any graduate students at this time.

List of current and past graduate students and their research.
Information about basic admission requirements and financial assistance can be found in the Forestry & Environmental Resources Department Graduate Students page.

Undergraduate Advising - Updated 2018 Feb 28

Common Issues

All Students: Do NOT take courses for credit only - they will NOT count toward your degree, and you will have to retake them or take another course for a grade.  You must take courses for a grade, including technical and advised electives. The only exceptions are Physical Education, NR301/401, and any course you want and expect to appear in the "non-degree" section of your degree audit.  If you are unsure, please ask!

Fisheries, Wildlife, & Conservation Biology Students:  You may replace summer camp with a combination of two internships or study abroad experiences.  Please complete this application for each internship or study abroad before beginning.  The following courses are pre-approved and do not require application: the Bahamas, Namibia, and Nicaragua study abroad courses taught by our faculty.

Wildlife Students: Our Wildlife curriculum will qualify you for The Wildlife Society's Associate Wildlife Biologist certification if you take one of the -ologies (mammalogy, ornithology, etc) for your wildlife elective.  Animal Behavior will not count for certification. (Read application instructions for detailed requirements.)

Need help with writing or speaking assignments? Take advantage of NC State's Campus Writing & Speaking Tutorial Services.

Looking to change majors?  I'd hate to see you go, but being in the right major is more important.  I'm happy to talk with you about this, but can't provide detailed advice about other programs.  Once you've selected another major, you must visit one of their advisors for advice about transferring, the likelihood of qualifying for the major, and appropriate course recommendations.  If you start taking courses toward another major before the transfer is complete, you'll likely get notices about failure to make progress toward your degree; this could cause delays in graduation if you don't get into the other program.

Useful Links

Basic advising information for students in each of our department's curricula can be found in the Forestry & Environmental Resources Handbook.

GEP Course Lists ... will help you understand General Education Program requirements.

GEP Global Knowledge ... will help you figure out which humanities, social science, etc. courses fulfill the global knowledge co-requisite.

GEP US Diversity ... will help you figure out which humanities, social science, etc. courses fulfill the US diversity co-requisite.

NCSU's calendars page ... will help you find out when you can register, when semesters begin and end, and when final exams are.

Transferable credits ... if you took or plan to take a course somewhere else, look here to find the equivalent course at that school.

Academic Advising Services ... is also a useful resource.

Majors & Careers ... covers all of NC State's undergraduate majors and highlights available careers in each major.

Academic Minors ... lists requirements for all minor degrees.

Walk-in advising is available from the Division of Academic & Student Affairs for students exploring majors.

Other issues?
Give me a call, send me an e-mail, drop by, or make an appointment to visit.

During Advising Periods (mid-March and mid-October)

Electronic Advising

I will advise electronically, if your proposed schedule is straightforward and we have met for advising before.

I will not advise electronically, if we have never met in person or if you have received any kind of academic warning -- please make an appointment for Advising in Person.

If there are some things we need to work out, you can send me a detailed e-mail or make an appointment to visit.
I reserve the right to require a personal visit before releasing your enrollment hold.

Advising in Person

If you've never visited me before, or have received any kind of academic warning, you should make an appointment to see me in person.

If you need extensive help with scheduling, deciding what to take, or anything like that, please make an apointment to see me.

Otherwise, we can probably take care of advising electronically -- see instructions for Electronic Advising. Of course, you are always welcome to visit in person!!
If you can't make any of the times, please contact me and we'll work something out.

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