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Conserving green infrastructure through research, teaching, and service.
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I work to conserve green infrastructure in suburbanizing areas and to keep people connected with nature, using an integrated program of research, teaching, and service.  Through the WakeNature Preserves Partnership, which I co-founded, students, faculty, and members of local land management agencies and organizations are working together to develop a system of nature preserves in Wake County, NC.

What I Do ...
Green Infrastructure Research
Exciting Research
Green infrastructure is the network of unbuilt space that conserves natural functions in cities.   Through service and the active engagement of students with community partners to address local conservation challenges, I work to increase the use of science-based information about green infrastructure in local and regional planning.

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Engaged Learning
Engaged Learning
My students work with local land management agencies in learning environments that develop the whole student by combining technical material with professional development in teamwork, leadership, and communication.   And I demand professional results.   Students typically find this approach challenging but rewarding.

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Responsive Advising
Responsive Advising
Whether you're a prospective undergraduate student who wants to talk about our department's Natural Resource programs, a current student seeking guidance, or a graduate student looking for research opportunities, I'm happy to talk with you.   By e-mail, by phone, in person ... advising when you need it ... smile included.

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Fall 2014

- Conservation Biology in Practice ... examines how conservation biology is applied internationally, regionally, and locally through a series of case studies. Co-taught with Lara Pacifici.

- A Tale of Two Cities? ... will be taught as a participatory research course, in which participants will contribute to an ongoing research project. We will examine, compare, and contrast household-scale knowledge, behavior, and decision-making about ecosystem services, climate change, and sustainability among neighborhoods in Raleigh, NC, and Ha'Makuya, South Africa. Co-taught with Melissa McHale.

- NR Enrichment Experience ... brings together a small group of incoming students and high-performing juniors and seniors to examine a natural resource issue in depth. Last semester's theme was "Just what is sustainability, anyway?" This semester's will be ...
Spring 2014 & 2015

- Natural Resources Measurements ... looks at the theory and practice of natural resources inventory. This is a project-centered, community-engaged course in which students improve their ability to develop, articulate, and attain concrete goals and to function effectively as a team.


- Effective Scientific Posters ... presents images, text, and videos designed to help people create an effective poster presentation.

Who I Am ...
Who is this guy?
Who is this guy?
After 10 years in software engineering, I went back to school to develop a career around conservation.   Working at NC State, I discovered I loved teaching.   So I figured out interesting ways to integrate research into my teaching, leading to my adoption of active, community-engaged approaches that bring local land conservation organizations into the research and teaching process.

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Cycling is a life-long passion.   I ride for transportation and health.   I ride for causes.   I ride just for the joy of it!
Though we've made progress, this region could be a much better place for cyclists.   I prefer the targeted use of bike lanes on busy thoroughfares, more unstriped wide outside lanes, increased education, and the integration of cyclists into the traffic stream - we are traffic!

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I've been involved in photography since I was about 10 years old, including a short stint as a special feature photographer in Prescott, Arizona.   It's a passion that allows me to see and share things from different perspectives.   Each month I post a new image in this space - my Photo of the Month - and I've kept an archive of these images since 2005.

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