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MA/CS 780

Numerical Analysis I

Many problems in Engineering and the Sciences involve large systems of equations.

Topics: approximation of functions, numerical integration, numerical methods for ordinary differential equations, Fourier analysis and applications


  • A. Quarteroni, R. Sacco, F. Saleri, Numerical mathematics, SIAM, 2000; required.

Final grade: determined by about 6 projects during the semester (66%), a mid-term (date TBA, 14%) and a final exam (8:00-11:00, Mon., May 4, 20%). The students are welcome to think about the projects in group, but redaction and submission should be done individually. The use of TeX is encouraged but not required. Late submissions will be not accepted. The exams are individual and closed book.

Time and place: MWF 9:10-10:00, 2106 SAS Hall.

Contact info: Pierre A. Gremaud, Dept. of Math., NCSU, Raleigh, NC 27695-8205, phone: 919-515-3085, email: