"The important thing is not to stop questioning."
-Albert Einstein

Research Interests: functional data analysis, image analysis, and structural magnetic resonance imaging.

The focus of my work is to develop methodology for the analysis of patients with multiple sclerosis using structural magnetic resonance images.
Check out some of the work we do on the Pennsive webpage.

(In Progress) Gina-Maria Pomann, Daniel Reich, Ana-Maria Staicu, Russell Taki Shinohara, Longitudinal Modelling of Tissue Damage in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

(Submitted)Gina-Maria Pomann, Elizabeth Sweeney, Daniel Reich, Ana-Maria Staicu, Russell Taki Shinohara, Scan Stratified Case-Control Sampling for Modeling Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity in Multiple Sclerosis.

(Submitted) Gina-Maria Pomann, Ana-Maria Staicu, Sujit Ghosh. Two Sample Testing for Functional Data.

Gina-Maria Pomann, Tamraparni Dasu, Shankar Krishnan. Evaluating Change Detection in Data Streams. International Workshop on Statistical Modeling, 2011, 486-489.

(Alphabetical Order)Tamraparni Dasu, Shankar Krishnan, Gina-Maria Pomann. Robustness of Change Detection Algorithms, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2011, Volume 7014/2011, 125-137. IDA Publication

Patrick Cesarz, Gina-Maria Pomann, Luis de la Torre, Greta Villarosa, Ali Pinar and Juan Meza. Detecting Network Vulnerabilities Through Discrete Graph Theoretical Methods. Technical Report LBNL-63487, October, 2007.