I'm a second year computer science PhD student at North Carolina State University working with Dr. Tim Menzies on research projects data mining and devops.

This page was created with the intention of explaining in more details my current and past research projects, some of the classes that I took/am taking, and a list of all of my publications, awards and references. For more information, either refer to my resume or just contact me at gferrei [at] ncsu [dot] edu.

My research interests lie within the software science area, including but not limited to data mining, data analytics, machine learning and devops.

Research Projects

Current Research Projects

Past Research Projects

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Awards and Honors


NC State courses

For my first semester at NC state, I'm taking two courses, which are:

I'm also a TA for 2 classes, Data Sciences and Multimedia Technology.

Fluminense Federal University courses

During my undergrad I took 50 different classes, composing of:

During my undergrad I also was the TA for 2 classes, Web Development and Database Systems.