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Real-World Vehicle Emissions

Computational Laboratory for
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Computational Laboratory for Energy, Air, and Risk (CLEAR) is to develop new methods and models for quantification of energy and environmental problems for the purpose of improving public and private decision making.

Description of Facilities

CLEAR, under the direction of Dr. H.C. Frey, is comprised of computational facilities in support of the Laboratory's mission. CLEAR is located in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at NC State University.  The facilities of CLEAR include both hardware and software for:

Simulation of Process Technologies, including
- Process performance
- Process emissions
- Process economics
Quantification of Variability and Uncertainty
Development of Emission Inventories
Exposure and Risk Assessment

CLEAR is located in the Department of Civil Engineering at North Carolina State University.

Recent Projects

In recent projects, CLEAR has been utilized to:

  • Develop new performance, emissions, and cost models of advanced power generation and air pollution prevention and control technologies;
  • Develop probabilistic estimates of highway vehicle emission factors;
  • Quantify uncertainty in predictions of ozone levels based upon propagation of uncertainty in emissions and other air quality model inputs; and
  • Develop new methods for quantification of variability and uncertainty and propagation of both through models.

See the list of recent projects and past projects for more examples.

Updated November 5, 2008