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Business Statistics, used Statistics for Management and Economics by Keller and Warrack, North Carolina State University, Summer 1998


The IT Capstone (Undergraduate)

This is project-oriented course that has focused on data analytics since 2001. Students will work on real applications for national or local firm(s) to solve "live" IT problems. Students will work in teams to develop client deliverables and present their final work to an appropriate industry-based management team. Topics covered can include project, supply chain and data management;and industry trends. Students are expected to draw of their knowledge of the database management, systems analysis, accounting, finance, operations management and marketing courses.

See SAS Webcast on Real-World Teaching (In Archives)



Database Management (Undergraduate)

The primary objective of this course is to teach students to design and use database applications for business enterprises. Students develop a technical and conceptual understanding of user requirements analysis, normalization, logical database design and physical database design; develop a technical and conceptual understanding of data definition and data manipulation languages for relational and other DB models; gain hands-on experience with appropriate DB and data management applications.



Database Management (MBA IT Elective)

This course covers database concepts as they relate to data warehousing and business intelligence (BI). Topics include operational data stores, data quality, data warehouses, data marts, and data access tools. Students are exposed to information to inform them that databases do not operate as separate islands of information, but rather need to be coordinated into a cohesive enterprise system plan that supports the operational, tactical, and strategic needs of the organization. Emerging trends in the database and data management technologies are also discussed.



Institute of Advanced Analytics - Data Integration/Warehousing Module, Summer 2007


Institute of Advanced Analytics - Performance Management Module, Summer 2007



At Case Western Reserve University:

Systems Analysis and Design, used Systems Analysis and Design by Kendall and Kendall


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