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Payton, F.C., Cultures of Participation & Design - @myhealthimpact: For Students, By Students, Information Systems Journal, Forthcoming. (Download)

Payton, F. C., Workplace Design – The Millennials Are Not Coming, They Are Here, Design Management Institute, Spring 2015, 54-63. (Download)

Payton, F.C., Morais, D., Heath, E.  Multi-stakeholder assessment of a Mobile and Temporarily Interconnected Systems Prototype: People-First Tourism, African Journal of Information Systems, 2015 (7:1).

Payton, F.C. and Galloway, K. Here Comes the #Engagement: A Serious Health Initiative Made Trendy, XRDS ACM Magazine, 2014 (21:2), 28-31. (Download)

Zhang, S., Nagarajan, R., Payton, F.C., and Massarweh, S., Inferring Breast Cancer Concomitant Diagnosis and Comorbidities from the Nationwide Inpatient Sample using Social Network Analysis, Health Systems, 2014 (3), 136-142. (Download)

Payton, F.C., Kvasny, L. and Kiwanuka-Tondo, J. Seeking and Perceiving Online HIV Prevention Information: Black Female College Students’ Perspectives, Internet Research, 2014 (24:4), 520-543. (Download)

Zhang, S., Payton, F.C., and Ivy, J.S. Characterizing the Impact of Mental Disorders on HIV Patient Length of Stay and Total Charges, IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering, 2013 (3:3), 139-146. (Download)

Kiwanuka-Tondo , J., Albada, K.F. and Payton, F.C., Media ownership and news framing: an analysis of HIV/AIDS coverage by Ugandan Press, African Journal of AIDS Research, 2012, (11:4), 361-371. (Download)

Brailsford, S., Harper, P., LeRouge, C. and Payton, F.C., Health Editorial, Health Systems, 2012, 1, 1–6. (Download)

Payton, F.C., Suarez-Brown, T. and Lamar, C. Applying IRSS Theory: The Clark Atlanta University Exemplar, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 2012 (10:4), 495-513. (Download)

Kvasny, K. and Payton, F.C. Considering the Political Roles of Black Talk Radio and the Afrosphere in Response to the Jena 6: Social Media and the Blogosphere, Information Technology & People, 2012 (25:1), 81 - 102. (Download)

Cameron, B. and Payton, F.C., Analysis Using Identical Patient Types Across Providers and the Implications for the Health Care Supply Chain, International Journal of Healthcare Delivery Reform Initiatives, 2011. (Download)

Payton, F.C., Pare, G., LeRouge, C. and Reddy, M. Health Care IT: Process, People, Patients and Interdisciplinary Considerations, 2011, Journal of the Association for Information Systems: Vol. 12: Iss. 2, Article 4. (Download) (Press Release)

Mengistu, K., Payton, F.C., Meso, P. and Mbarika, V. Testing Integrative Technology (Telemedicine) Acceptance Models Among Ethiopian Physicians, Telemedicine and e-Health, 2010, 16(3), 327-343. (Download)

Zhang, S., Ivy, J., Payton, F.C. and Deihl, K. Modeling the Impact of Comorbitity on Breast Cancer Patient Outcomes, Health Care Management Science, Published Online, November 2009 (Cited in MDLinx)

Payton, F. C. Analytics - Addressing Services and Care Delivery Among HIV Cases, Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice, 2009, (3:2), 13-33, (Download) (Press Release)

Payton, F. C and Kiwauika-Tondo, J. Contemplating Public Policy in AIDS/HIV Online Content, Then Where is the Technology Spirit?, European Journal of Information Systems, 2009, 18, 192-204. (Download) (Press Release)

Kvasny, L., Payton, F.C., Mbarika, V., et al. Gendered Perspectives on the Digital Divide, IT Education and Workforce Participation in Kenya, IEEE Transactions on Education, 2008 (51:2), 256-261.(Download)

Payton, F.C. Gary Dickson Exemplar: Applying IRSS Psychology Discourse, Communications of the AIS Special Issue Honoring the Contribution of Dickson to Student and Colleague Mentoring, 2007 (20:3), 11-14. (Download)

Mbarika, V., Payton, F.C., Kvasny, L. and Amadi, A. The Case of Women and IT in Sub-Saharan Africa: Education Issues Abound, The Information Society, 2007 (23), 1-18. (Download)

Payton, F.C. African-American IT Professionals: Diversity and Employee Rights Considered, Journal of Individual Employment Rights: Special Issue on Implication of Technology and Information Systems for Individual Employee Rights, 2006 (11:4), 349-367. (Download)

Payton, F.C., Mbarika, V. and White, S. Using IRSS Psychology Theory to Understand the Experiences of Under-represented Faculty in the IS/IT Domain, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 2006 (4:2), 191-213. (Download)

Earp, J. and Payton, F.C. Health Care and Banking Professionals: Will They Protect Your Privacy? Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, 2006 (16:2), 105-122. (Download)

Zahay, D. and Payton, F.C. Data Warehousing & Health Care CRM: The Role of Trust in the Implementation Process - Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 2005 (10:4), 315-326. (Download)

Payton, F.C., White, S. and Mbarika, V. A Re-Examination of RacioEthnic Imbalance of IS Doctorates: Changing the Face of the IS Classroom, Journal of the AIS, 2005 (6:1), 37-51. (Download)

Pal, A., Mbarika, V., Payton, F.C. et al. Telemedicine Diffusion in a Developing Country: The Case of India , IEEE Transactions on IT in Biomedicine, 2005 (9:1), 59-65. (Download)

Payton, F.C. Rethinking the Digital Divide, 2003, Communications of the ACM (46:6), 89-91. (Download)

Payton, F.C. e-Health Leading to B2E Commerce in the Human Resource Function, 2003, Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce (13:2), 147-161. (Download)

Zahay, D. and Payton, F.C. Understanding Why Marketing Doesn't Use the Health Care Corporate Data Warehouse for CRM Applications, 2003 (20:4), Journal of Database Marketing, 237-244. (Download)

Payton, F.C. and Handfield, R. Data Warehousing Implementation and Outsourcing Challenges: An Action Research Project with Solectron, Communications of AIS, 2003 (12), 633-648. (Download)

Payton, F.C. and Ginzberg, M.J. Interorganizational Health Care Systems Implementations: An Exploratory Study of Early Electronic Commerce Initiatives, 2001, Health Care Management Review (26:2), 20-32. (Download)

Payton, F.C., Lessons Learned From Three Interorganizational Health Care Systems Implementation, 2000, Information and Management (37:6), 311-321.(Download)

Baumer, D., Earp, J., Payton, F.C. Privacy, Computerization of Medical Records and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, 2000, Computers and Society (30:4), 40-47. (Download)

Payton, F.C. and Jackson, C. Diversity in IS: What are Current Ph.D. Students Saying using GDSS?, 1999, Computer Personnel (20:3), 27-39. (Download)

Payton, F.C. and Brennan, P.F. Examining Systems Utilization of a Community Health Information Network, 1999, Communications of the ACM (42:12), 85-89. (Download)

Payton, F.C., Brennan, P.F., and Ginzberg, M.J. Needs Determination For A Community Approach To Health Care Delivery, 1995, International Journal of Technology Management - Special Issues Series on Management of Technology in Health Care (11), 157-174. (Download)


Research Briefs

Payton, F.C. and Galloway, K. The Analytics of Social: Listening to the Not-So-Visible, Inside O.R., 2014. (Download)

Zhang, S., Payton, F.C., and Ivy, J.S. Characterizing the Impact of Mental Disorders on HIV Patient Length of Stay and Total Charges, IE Magazine, 2013. (Download)

Payton, F.C., Students Identify the Technological Demands of the Next Generation Workforce, Cisco Employee Connection RTP, 2010

Payton, F.C., The Last Word: Resilience: My Pathway to the IT Professoriate, Diverse, 2007.

Strategies for Data Warehousing Intelligence Piece (with R. Hanfield), Sloan Management Review (45:3), 2004, (Abbreviated from December 2004 CAIS Publication) (Download)

The Last Word: STEM Education and African Americans, Black Issues in Higher Education (21:2), 2004 (Invited Piece based on Digital Divide, CACM 2003 Publication)

Dirty Laundry: Privacy Issues for IT Professionals (with J. Earp), 2000 (2:2), ITProfessional (Download)


Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

Payton, F.C. and Conley, C., Health Informatics Education: Matters to Consider, In Health Informatics (e-Health) for the Curious: Why Study Health Informatics, The Curious Academic Publishing, 2015. (Download)

Payton, F.C. and Conley, C., The Dark Side of Social Media: Health Stigma and College Students’ Perspectives, In Social Media: Global Perspectives, Applications, Benefits and Dangers. Nova Science Publishers: Hauppauge, NY, 2015. (Download)

Morais, D. B., Heath, E., Tlhagale, M., Payton, F. C., Martin, K., Mehta, K., and Bass, J. People-First Tourism: Concept test in South Africa. Jafar Jafari & Fayos Sola (Eds.) Knowledge Management in Tourism: Policy and Governance Applications (Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice. Emerald Group Publishing Limited: Bingley, UK., 2012. (Download)

Kvasny, L., Payton, F.C., and Hales, L., Social Activism in the ‘Blackosphere’: The Jena 6 Case, In Interpersonal Relations and Social Patterns in Communication Technologies: Discourse Norms, Language Structures and Cultural Variables, Jung-ran Park (ed.), IGI Global, 2010.  (Download)

Payton, F.C., Digital Divide or Digital Equity: Other Considerations? In Darity, William A., Jr. International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd edition. 9 vols.  Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2008. (Download)

Kvasny, L. and Payton, F.C., African Americans and the Digital Divide, In Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, 2nd Edition, 1-803, 2007, M. Khosrow-Pour (ed.). (Download)

Payton, F.C. and Berki, E., Work-Life Balance and Identity in a Virtual World, 2005, In the University of Lapland (Finland), Lost and Found in Virtual Reality: Women and Information Technology, editor H. Isomaki (ed.). (Download)

Kvasny, L. and Payton, F.C., Minorities and Information Technology: Critical Issues and Trends in Digital Divide Research, In Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, 1-803, 2005, M. Khosrow-Pour (ed.). (Download)

Payton, F.C., Analytics – Unpacking Hidden Knowledge of Social Exclusion in the AIDS/HIV Black Community, 2008, Encyclopedia of Healthcare Information Systems, N. Wickramasinghe and E. Geisler (eds.). (Download)

Earp, J., Payton, F.C., and Baumer, D., Privacy of Medical Records: IT Implications of HIPAA, 2005, In Ethics, Computing and Genomics: Moral Controversies in Computational Genomics, H. Tavani (ed.).(Download)

Payton, F.C., Data Mining in Health Care, 2003, In Data Mining: Opportunities and Challenges, J. Wang (ed). (Download)




Payton, F.C., Leveraging Intersectionality: Seeing and Not Seeing, 2014, Richer Press; Under-representation in Computing and STEM Experiences (Press Release)

Adaptive Health Management Information Systems: Concepts, Cases, & Practical Applications, Third Edition, J. Tan with Fay Cobb Payton (Details)

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