Fay Cobb Payton, Ph.D.
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2009, IEEE Science-Engineering-Technology Work Group Presentation, The Future of Work (with A. Betz and S. Hall), Washington, DC.

2009, Industrial Engineering Research Conference, Modeling the Impact of Comorbidity on Breast Cancer Patient Outcomes (with S. Zhang, J. S. Ivy & K. M. Diehl), Miami, FL.

2009, Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication, News Framing of HIV/AIDS in Uganda: Comparative content analysis of government owned and private press (with J. Kiwanuka-Tondo and K. Albada), Boston, MA. 

2008, International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) WG 9.4 Conference, Exploring IT for Palliative Care in Developing Countries: Lessons from American Medical Center Using Footprints (with C. Tsavatewa, P. Musa), Pretoria, South Africa

2008, INFORMS Annual Meeting, Modeling Comorbidity as a Function of Age, Race and Gender (with J. Ivy), Washington, DC.

2008, SIG-MIS Computer Personnel Research Conference Proceedings, Career Staging for Girls Moving Toward (Away) from Computing Careers, Charlottesville, VA

2007, Infinite Possibilities Conference Presentation, From Analytics to Health Policy, Raleigh, NC

2007, American Society of Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition Proceedings, An Integrated Living And Learning Community For First And Second Year Undergraduate Women In Science And Engineering (with the NCSU WISE Advisory Board), Honolulu, Hawaii

2007, IFIP WG9.4 and Proceedings on IT in Developing Countries, Gendered Approaches Considering in Kenya and IT Functions (with V. Mbarika and L. Kvansy), Sao Paulo, Brazil

2006, Brothers of the Academy Think Tank Presentation and Proceedings, Business Analytics: An Incomplete Story of AIDS & the Black Community, Atlanta, Georgia

2006, Brothers of the Academy Think Tank Presentation and Proceedings, Digital (In)Equity and Impact on Education, Atlanta, Georgia

2006, SIG MIS/CPR Conference, IT Education and Employment for Women in Kenya (with L. Kvasny, V. Mbarika and J.Chong), Claremont, CA

2006, Gerry DeSanctis Duke Fuqua School of Business Conference, Adaptive Structuration Theory - A Framework to Expose Exclusion Among Health Information Portals, Durham, North Carolina

2006, 27th Annual Minority Health Conference at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Global E-Health Community-Based Approaches to Disseminate AIDS/HIV Information Among African-American and Ugandan Women (with J. Kiwanuka-Tondo), Chapel Hill, North Carolina

2006, IFIP 8.2 Conference, Lacking Cultural Competency: Online AIDS/HIV Health Information Among Minority Women (with J. Chong and L. Kvasny), Limerick, Ireland

2005 IFIP WG9.4 on IT in Developing Countries (with V. Mbarika and L. Kvasny), The Case of Women and IT in Sub-Saharan Africa, Abuja, Nigeria

2005, Southeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference Proceedings (with K. Mengistu and V. Mbarika, "Testing Integrative Technology (Telemedicine) Acceptance Models Among Ethiopian Physicians", Raleigh, North Carolina

2004, AACSB International Conference and Annual Meeting, "Real Life Customer Relationship Management in the IT Classroom", Presentation with SAS Institute Corporate Sponsors, Montreal, Canada

2004, Association of Institutional Research Conference, "Multi-Case Studies: Collaborating with SAS in the IT Classroom", Presentation with SAS Institute Corporate Sponsors, Boston, MA

Winter 2004, American Marketing Association (with D. Zahay), "Why Doesn't Marketing Use the Corporate Data Warehouse? The Role of Trust and Quality in Adoption of Data Warehousing Technology for CRM Applications "

2003, American Council on Education (with S.D. White), Office of Minorities in Higher Education Conference, "Views on Mentoring Under-represented Groups in the IS/IT Field", Presentation, Atlanta, GA.

2003, ACM/SIGCPR/SIGMIS (with S.D. White), "Views from the Field on Mentoring and Roles of Effective Networks for Minority IT Doctoral Students ", Appeared in the 2003 ACM/SIGCPR Proceedings

2002, Southern Management Association, "The Road Less Traveled: African Americans in the IT Profession", Appeared in the Proceedings of the 2002 SMA Conference and Presentation, Atlanta, GA.

2000, As We Rethink the Digital Divide, Multicultural People in Technology Conference (Invited Presenter), Boston, MA

2001,American Medical Informatics Association, Health Care Implementation and Diffusion, Washington, DC (Invited Panelist)

Payton, F.C. (With J. Earp), 2001, "Data Protection in the University Setting", IEEE Proceedings of the HICSS Conference, Maui, Hawaii

Payton, F.C.(With H. Lucas), 2001, "Health Care B2C Electronic Commerce", IEEE Proceedings of the HICSS Conference, Maui, Hawaii

Payton, F.C., 2000, "The Digital Divide: African Americans and E-Commerce", Raleigh Task Force on Student Success, Raleigh, NC

Payton, F.C. and C. Jackson, 1999, "Discussing Sensitive Cultural Issues: What Is the Value Added By a Group Support System?", Proceedings of the International Conference of the Decision Science Institute (Athens, Greece)

Payton, F.C., 1999, "Lessons Learned From Three Interorganizational Health Care Information Systems", Proceedings of the International Conference of the Decision Science Institute (Athens, Greece)

Payton, F.C. And P.F. Brennan, 1997, "Cost Justification of a Community Health Information Network: The ComputerLink for AD Caregivers", INFORMS Dallas Fall 97 Meeting

Payton, F.C. and P.F. Brennan, 1997, "Examining Systems Utilization of a Community Health Information Network", Proceedings of the National Decision Sciences Institute

Payton, F.C., P.F. Brennan and J.B. Silvers, 1995, "Cost Justification of a Community Health Information Network", Nineteenth Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care (SCAMC) Proceedings Now American Medical Informatics Association (Cited in the Consumer Health Informatics: Emerging Issues of the US GAO, GAO/AMID-96-86)

Payton, F.C., P.F. Brennan and M.J. Ginzberg, April 1994, "Needs Determination for An Electronic Homecare System Using Critical Success Factors/Future State", MidWest Decision Sciences Institute Conference Proceedings, Cleveland, OH


Brief List of Invited Activities:

November 2007, Presenter, U.S. Health Care System, Chinese Delegation Visiting NC State University

2007, Presenter (with J. Gilbert), CS and IS: How Do We Change the Face of the Classroom, National BDPA Technology Conference, Washington, D.C.

2007, Presenter, "A Study of the Environmental and Genetic Risk Factors for Breast Cancer", at the National Institute of Health, Initiative for Transforming and Sustaining STEM Program for North Carolina Central University

2007 Presenter and Moderator, "IS Versus CS Panel, Auburn University", NSF-Sponsored African American Computer Science Researchers Conference

2007, Invited Reviewer, STEM Education Panel, National Science Foundation

2007, Presenter, Southern University and A&M College, NSF-Sponsored International Center for ICT & African Research

2007 Technical Papers Committee Member, Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference

2007, Invited Presenter, "Digital (In)Equity and Education" , UNC Institute of African American Research

2006, Invited Presenter, "Global Digital Divides", London School of Economics Workshop on Understanding and Responding to Digital and Social Exclusion

2006, Invited Presenter, "On How Not to Get Tenured, ADVANCE NSF Presentation, Virginia Tech

2006, Invited Member, Health Raters Credentialing Committee, Health Website Ratings Project

2006, Invited Participant, Computing Careers Informational Meeting, National Science Foundation

2006, Invited Presenter, Digital Equity and STEM Pathways, UNC Institute of African American Research

2005, Invited Presentation (with SAS Institute), UNC TLC Conference, "Using Leading Technologies in the IT Classroom"

2005, Invited Presentation (with SAS Institute), "Real World CRM and Data Analysis in the IT Classroom", Sales & Customer Relationship Marketing Conference, sponsored by 3M Company and NC A&T State University

2005, Invited Presentation, (with SAS Institute), "Incorporating High School Students into a IT Data Analysis Real World Project", Invitational Conference on K-12 Outreach from University Science Departments, Hosted by the NC State Science House, sponsored by Burroughs Wellcome Fund

2004, Invited Presentation, "Rethinking the Digital Divide and Career Pathways", UNC Institute of African American Research Conference on Youth & Race: Policy and Culture in Social and Academic Development

2004, Invited Presentation (with SAS Institute), "Real World CRM and Data Analytics in the IT Classroom", AACSB International, Montreal, Canada

2004, Invited Panelist, Symposium for the University of North Carolina System Systems/SAS Sponsored Event

2004, Invited Panel Moderator, Decision Science Institute Conference, "Business Intelligence: Trends, Directions & Challenges"

2002, 2004, Invited Faculty, Teradata University National Conference


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