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Dr. Fay Cobb Payton

Editor, Health Systems, An Official Journal of The OR Society

ACE Fellow 2009-2010

Associate Professor, Information Systems
North Carolina State University (NCSU)
College of Management
Campus Box 7229
Raleigh, NC 27695
919.513.2744 (Voice)
919.515.6943 (Fax)
fay underscore payton at ncsu dot edu (Email)


Dr. Payton's research involves healthcare and digital equity in the context of information and communication technologies (ICT). She recently was awarded an National Science Foundation grant for her work in health and HIV information dissemination and is the founder of MyHealthImpactNetwork. She is the co-editor of Adaptive Health Management Information Systems: Concepts, Cases, & Practical Applications (2009) and was the lead co-editor for the Journal of the Association of Information Systems (JAIS) - Special Issue of Health Care Information Systems: People, Processes and Patients. The Special Issue is published in two volumes and released on February and March 2011. She was the plenary speaker for the 2012 Information Fluency and The Digital Divides held at the University of Central Florida.

Her research includes the discourse of inclusion and exclusion in ICT domains. Her dissertation topic and earlier research examined the design and implementation of regional health information networks along the data management issues impacting interorganizational networked environments. She also has explored the use of health information networks for homecare systems for persons living with AIDS/HIV and caregivers of Alzhemier's Disease patients. Her most recent works examine and include the following discourses:

Health disparities;

Use of online and social media content targeting Black women and those in sub-Saharan Africa;

IT in Health Care Organizations;

Digital equity in STEM career pathways and public policy;

Analytic/data management applications;

Corporate and academic STEM career experiences


Dr. Payton was named an American Council on Education (ACE) Fellow for 2009-10. During the Fellowship, she worked with the NCSU Institute of Emerging Issues, a think-and-do tank.

She has worked with The PhD Project for over 12 years and serves in an advisory capacity to The PhD Project Information Systems Doctoral Student Association.