Modeling Lead in Water for Underserved Communities, Private Funder, 08/2017-08/2018, K. Pieper, M. Edwards, E. Berglund

Smart Management of Water Resources and Infrastructure using the Internet of Things, UNC Planning Grant, 09/17-09/18, E. Berglund (PI), G. Kumar, N. Kaza, M. Anwar, J. Bowen

Center for Infrastructure Modeling and ManagementEPA, 2017-2022, Ben Hodges, University of Texas (PI)

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Understanding Effects of Norms and Policies on the Robustness, Liveness, and Resilience of Systems, NCSU Science of Security Lablet, 05/14-07/17, E.Z Berglund, M. Singh, J. Doyle

Adversarial Risk Analysis using Agent-based Modeling, NCSU Laboratory for Analytical Science, 05/15-12/15, E.Z Berglund (PI)

Agent-based Modeling for the Analysis of WorkflowNCSU Laboratory for Analytical Science, 09/13-05/15, E.Z Berglund (PI) 

A Research Network on Water Solutions (ReNeWS): the U.S. Southeast and Beyond, NCSU Research and Innovation Seed Funding Program, 1/01/15 - 12/31/15, Laura Taylor (PI), S. Arumugam, A. Binder, E. Berglund

An Agent-Based Modeling Approach to Integrate Social Dimensions and Infrastructure Management for Urban Water Reuse, NSF Civil Infrastructure Systems, 09/12-09/15, E.M. Zechman (PI), A. Binder

An Integrated Framework for Assessing the Dynamics of Population Growth, Land Use and Climate Change for Urban Water Resources Management, North Carolina Water Resources Research Institute, 03/12-02/13, E.M. Zechman (PI), S. Arumugam

BRIGE: A Complex Adaptive Systems Analysis Approach for Integrated Water Resources Sustainability, NSF Broadening Participation Research Initiation Grants in Engineering, 09/09 – 09/12, E.M. Zechman (PI)

An Agent-based Modeling Framework for Response Planning to Contamination Events for Water Utilities, NSF Infrastructure Management and Extreme Events, 09/09 – 09/12, E.M. Zechman (PI), K. Brumbelow, M. Lindell, and J. Mumpower 

Increasing Stormwater Awareness through Development of a Stormwater Footprint Game, US EPA’s P3: People, Prosperity and the Planet Student Design Competition for Sustainability, 08/10 – 08/11, E.M. Zechman (PI), J. Barbour, A. Sprintson, Winner of 2011 EPA P3 Honorable Mention Award

Sustainable Hydrologic Management Practices on Texas A&M University Campus, US EPA’s P3: People, Prosperity and the Planet Student Design Competition for Sustainability, 08/08 – 08/09, E.M. Zechman (PI), Bryan Boulanger, Radu Stoleru, Georgianne Moore. 

Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Signal Coordination of Oversaturated Networks, Texas Transportation Institute, 08/08 – 12/09, E.M. Zechman (PI) and L. Quadrifoglio

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