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Fall 2017 Wraps Up

A big congratulations to Liz Ramsey and Shams Al Amin!  Liz completed her MS degree, and Shams successfully defended his PhD, both in December 2017.  Liz was awarded the Charles Smallwood Fellowship by the Department of Civil Engineering, and she is continuing on to pursue her PhD at NCSU (welcome back!). Shams has taken a job in town at Vaughn and Melton Consulting Engineers.

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Berglund Presents at CGA

Dr. Berglund presented research on water reclamation modeling at the NCSU Center for Geospatial Analysis (CGA) and had the chance to interact with fellow scholars.  She recently joined CGA as a faculty fellow and is looking forward to contribute to the CGA’s new PhD program.

A Great Summer with RISE

Samantha Winterrowd worked with the STSA group this summer to explore evolutionary computation for designing pipe networks. She participated in the Civil Engineering RISE program, which funds undergraduate students to conduct research with professors for 10 weeks in the summer, culminating in a research poster symposium.  Her research helped to develop a coupled genetic algorithm and hydraulic simulation framework, deployed on a high performance computing cluster, to find solutions for designing water distribution networks.  Her results identified the best algorithmic settings to minimize the costs of water infrastructure systems.

2017 RISE  S Winterrowd Berglund-22

Jacob in the News

See Jacob Monroe’s interview about his on-going research:

We are WE 2017 brings visitors to NCSU

The CCEE Department hosted We are Women in Engineering (We are W.E.) in March.  Fifteen women from across the U.S. visited the civil engineering department to network with other women and learn about research at NCSU.  Dr. Nina Starks from Virginia Tech gave our keynote presentation about her adventurous career as a researcher in coastal and ocean engineering, and Dr. Brina Montoya from NCSU joined her in our panel to answer questions about careers in engineering academics. Overall, it was a great event!  Thanks to all who helped to put it on.

Women in Engineering small files-4
Women in Engineering small files-11

Above: Local and visiting students networked at the We are WE event.

Below: Dr. Nina Starks gives advice about careers in academics.  

Announcing We are WE 2017

The CCEE Department is hosting our women in engineering event - We are WE - in 2017!  Glad to have this program up and running after a year hiatus.  Get more information here.

Student Updates

The Fall 2016 Semester is kicking off…

Welcome back to Liz Ramsey, who was in India for most of the past year on a Fulbright Fellowship!

IMG 20160111 141114

Welcome to Jacob Monroe, who received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to begin his PhD studies in the fall!

And congratulations to continuing students, Laura Garcia-Cuerva and Shams Al-Amin for their continued hard work.  The STSA Group is pictured here at the 2016 EWC Spring Symposium.  Looking forward to a great year!


STSA-U sweeps the undergraduate poster competition at A&WMA Annual Conference 2015

Undergraduate students James East and Jacob Monroe gave student poster presentations at the Air & Waste Management Association Annual Conference in June 2015.  James was awarded 1st place for his poster "Agent Based Modeling to Simulate Water Use Adaptations on the Upper Neuse River Basin,” and Jacob was awarded 2nd place for his poster "Modeling UV Disinfection Systems for Water Treatment Facilities using Evolutionary Computing.”  Thanks to Dr. Joel Ducoste for co-advising Jacob.  Both students are part of the Sociotechnical Systems Analysis Undergraduate Lab (STSA-U).  Congratulations!

Annual EWRI conference held in Austin, TX

20150521 133534

Graduate students Laura Garcia-Cuerva and Shams Al-Amin attended the ASCE World Congress on Environmental and Water Resources in Austin, TX, in May this year.  They presented research on perceptions of reclaimed water and water use in the Verde River Basin.  Their conference proceedings can be found at:

Garcia-Cuerva, L., Schmidt, M., Berglund, E., and Binder, A. (2015) Results of a National Survey about the Public Acceptability of Reclaimed Water. World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2015: pp. 1231-1237. doi: 10.1061/9780784479162.121

Al-Amin, S., Berglund, E., and Larson, K. (2015) Agent-Based Modeling to Simulate Demand Management Strategies for Shared Groundwater Resources. World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2015: pp. 2067-2072. doi: 10.1061/9780784479162.203

Undergraduate Research Grant

Jake For President

Congratulations to Jacob Monroe! Jacob was awarded two grants to conduct undergraduate research this summer.  He received a research grant from the NCSU Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering and a grant from the NCSU Office of Undergraduate Studies.  Jacob is conducting research to explore the use of evolutionary algorithms to model UV reactor performance.  This research is advised by Drs. Joel Ducoste and Emily Berglund.  Jacob is also exploring the use of agent-based modeling to simulate and manage the security of water infrastructure.

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