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Bernardo ChoppingThe Department of Entomology at NC State is a large and dynamic group of entomologists addressing both basic and applied insect science spanning all levels of biological organization from molecular biology and genomics to population biology and ecology. In addition, faculty in related departments are highly interactive, providing a wealth of expertise in disciplines related to entomology. The W. M. Keck Center for Behavioral Biology consists of faculty and students from Entomology, Biological Sciences and Genetics focused on a multidisciplinary approach to the genetic and environmental factors influencing behavior. There is a Social Insect Working Group, consisting of faculty and students in entomology and other departments who represent all the major social insect groups. The NCSU Urban Structural Entomology Program, is the largest such group in the country with four full time faculty devoted to research, teaching and extension in this area. Students interested in pursuing the MS or PhD degree in social insect biology or urban entomology in the Vargo Lab are encouraged to contact Ed Vargo.


Bernardo ChoppingUndergraduate Students

We occasionally have opportunities for motivated students to work in the lab and/or conduct independent research. Some experience working in a molecular lab, including familiarity with DNA extraction and PCR, are especially helpful.