Elana (Lonnie) Leithold-- Research Projects

Ongoing and recent projects

“Source to sink generation of biogeochemical stratigraphic signals across the Waipaoa Margin, New Zealand,” National Science Foundation Marine Geology and Geophysics Program, Margins Source-to-Sink, April 1 2007-March 31 2010, Neal Blair co-PI

"Age distribution of the POC discharged from small mountainous rivers-- the influence of sediment yield and soil residence time," National Science Foundation, Integrated Carbon Cycle Research, October 1, 2002-March 30, 2007; Neal Blair co-PI

Some past projects

"Organic carbon loading on marine sedimentary particles as an indicator of river basin weathering and transport regimes," National Science Foundation Marine Geology and Geophysics Program , January 1, 1999-June 20, 2002; Neal Blair co-PI

"Organic carbon burial in marine sediments: Processes controlling the organic carbon load on mineral surfaces in a coupled river/continental margin system," American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund, May 1, 1998-February 28, 2001; Neal Blair co-PI

"Following the fate of flood layers on the northern California continental margin," Office of Naval Research, October 1, 1996- December 31, 1997; Leithold, sole P.I.

STRATAFORM studies of seabed processes (Office of Naval Research, October 1, 1994-September 30, 1996; collaborative project with Dr. Jeffry Borgeld, Humboldt State University)

High-frequency sea-level changes and paleoceanography of the Cenomanian-Turonian Western Interior Seaway (National Science Foundation Geology and Paleontology Program, March 1, 1993-February 29, 1996, collaborative project with Dr. Mark Leckie, University of Massachusetts)

Sedimentary fabric and organic carbon preservation along a Cretaceous gradient of sediment accumulation rate (American Chemical Society, March 1, 1993-August 31, 1995; Leithold sole P.I.)


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