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MEA 102-- Geology II: Historical

An introductory course that explores the history of the planet Earth and the tools that geologists use to reconstruct that history. Topics include the evolution of the Earth's atmosphere, history of sea-level over time, plate tectonics and the origin of the Appalachians, the origin of Pennsylvanian coal deposits and Jurassic-Cretaceous petroleum, evolution and extinction of the Dinosaurs, the causes and consequences of the late Cenozoic ice age.

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MEA 411/562-- Marine Sediment Transport

An introduction to the theory and reality of sediment transport in the marine environment. Discussion of processes that control the settling of sediment grains through fluids, the erosion of sediment grains from the seabed, the transport of sediments as suspended load and bedload, and the formation and migration of bedforms such as ripples and dunes. Overview of how sediment transport measurements are made in the field and case studies of sediment transport in particular marine environments, from estuaries to the deep sea.

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