Ed Gehringer

Associate Professor
ECE and Computer Science
Office: 2413 EB III
Phone: (919) 515-2066
Fax: (919) 513-7075
E-mail: efgncsu.edu

My main areas of interest are high-performance computer architecture and object-oriented systems. I teach in these areas, and also in Ethics in Computing. My main research area is in architectural support for memory management. I also have a strong interest in developing software for active learning (the Expertiza project).


Expertiza (using peer review to develop resuable learning objects)
PG (Web-based peer review)
Distributed pair programming

Object-Oriented Software Education
Conoscenza Course Database
Ethics papers
Ethics in Computing Web site


A list of courses I've taught, along with links to course Web sites.


I have also been the chief organizer of the Workshop on Computer Architecture Education since 2000.

I am the faculty advisor to International Bible Study at NC State.