Tentative schedule for ECE 591 / CSC 592 -- Sec. 069

Tentative Schedule,  Fall 2017

Note: This may change. Check weekly for updates!

I will post here the slides that I will use in class. Also the homework assignments and solutions (if any) will be posted here:  / /
- Dates - Topic Assignment (See "Resources" for materials)
Aug. 17 Introduction  

Aug. 22 Intro / Graphs for Complex Networks: Graph Theory Primer    
Aug. 24 Linear Algebra Refresher 

Aug. 29 Graph Laplacian    Read the first few papers under "Graph Metrics, Eigenvalue/vectors" in Resources
Aug. 31 Graph Laplacian  

Sep. 5 Metrics on Graph: Centrality  

Sep. 7

Erdos-Renyi Random Graph Read papers under "Complex Network Dynamics"

Sep. 12 Erdos-Renyi Random Graph

Sep. 14

Power-law Graph          Read papers under "Power-Law Distribution"

Sep. 19 Power-law Graph

Sep. 21

Power-law Graph / Poisson Process   

Sep. 26 Poisson Process  

Sept. 28

Markov Chains

Oct. 3 Markov Chains  

Oct. 5

No class (Fall Break)  

Oct. 10 Markov Chains   

Oct. 12

Random Walk on Graph  

Oct. 17 Epidemic models  

 Oct. 19

Epidemic models


Oct. 24 Epidemics (Spreading) on general graphs  

Oct. 26

Epidemics on general graphs/ Sampling, MCMC, and Randomized Algorithm  

Oct. 31 Sampling, Metropolis-Hastings

Nov. 2

Project Plan Presentation  
Nov. 7 Project Plan Presentation / MCMC for Computing (extra slides for network sampling)  

Nov. 9

Randomized Algorithms for Combinatorial Optmization (NP-hard)  

Nov. 14 Randomized Algorithms for Combinatorial Optmization (NP-hard), Simulated Annealing

Nov. 16

Graph Partitioning & Spectral Clustering / Spectral Clustering via Relaxation

Nov. 21 Spectral Clustering via Relaxation (Graph Laplacian)

Nov. 23

No class (Thanksgiving Holiday)  

Nov. 27 Project Meeting (11/27, Mon: 3--5PM, in 3064 EB2) See Project Tab for detailed schedule

Nov. 28

Project Meeting (11/28, Tue: 11AM--1PM, in 3064 EB2) See Project Tab for detailed schedule 

Dec. 8

Final Project Presentation (Friday, 8AM--12PM, in 1212 EB2) See Project Tab for further details