Project Description

Project Topics (chosen by students)


Project Timeline (tentative)

  1. Nov. 2: Project plan presentations. Each group gives short presentation on what topic they want to work on, expected tasks, and challenges, followed by Q&A and comments.

  2. Nov. 27, 28 (Mon & Tue): Project Meeting. We don't have regular lectures on the last week; instead, each group meets with me in my office to talk about how the project goes and ask any question, get comments / feedback / suggestions. I have 2 hours block for this on each day, so total 4 hours for 10 projects. So, on each day, I expect 5 groups to meet with me in my office, about 20min for each group. Detailed meeting time will be decided later.

  3. Dec. 6 (Wed.): Your final project slides and/or notes (or any materials) due. Submit yours so that I can post here for sharing. This will also allow us to go over your materials in advance, to keep your final presentation short and to the point

  4. Dec. 8 (Friday): Final project presentation. We have a room 1212 EB2, 8AM--12PM for this purpose. Each group is expected to spend about 20mins. To keep this short and allow some time for Q&A, please make sure to have your slides or nodes detailed and almost self-contained, so that others can go over beforehand. Do not present everything in detail. Assume others have gone through your slides and focus on key steps and anything important, interesting or noteworthy, be it success or failure.


Project Meeting Schedule (11/27, 11/28)


11/27 (Monday), 3 ~ 5PM in my office (3064 EB2) in the following order, with roughly 20~25mins for each

11/28 (Tuesday), 11AM ~ 1PM in my office (3064 EB2) in the following order, with roughly 20~25mins for each


Final Project Presentation Schedule (12/8, Friday, 8AM--12PM in 1212 EB2)

First Half: 8AM--9:50AM

Break: 9:50AM--10:10AM

Second Half: 10:10AM--12PM