Note: This is just a tentative schedule and will be changed during the semester!

I will post here the slides that I will use in class. Also the homework assignments and solutions will be posted here.

Dates Topic


Assignment Due
Jan. 11


Jan. 16 Convex set & functions  

Jan. 18 Convex functions / Inequalities    

Jan. 23 Inequalities via Convex functions
Jan. 25 Inequalities / Intro. to Large Deviation



Jan. 30 Introduction to Optimization

Feb. 1

Introduction to Optimization  

Feb. 6 Convex Optimization    

Feb. 8

Lagrange Duality HW #1

Feb. 13 KKP Conditions / TCP intro   

Feb. 15

Utility Maximization and Fairness    

Feb. 20

Utility Max. & Fairness / Lyapunov Stability


Feb. 22

Lyapunov stability 

Feb. 27 Congestion Control : Primal Algorithm  
HW #1 Solution

Mar. 1

No Class    

Mar. 6 No Class (Spring Break)  
Mar. 8 No Class (Spring Break)  

Mar. 13 Congestion Control (updated): Dual-Algorithm กก กก

Mar. 15

Congestion Control: Primal-Dual Algorithm  

Mar. 20 Primal-Dual Algorithm / TCP Design   

Mar. 22

Buffer Sizing and Scaling  

Mar. 27 Network Topology: Introduction  

Mar. 29

Erdos-Renyi Random Graph supplementary note1 

Apr. 3 Power-Law Graph: Barabasi model supplementary note2  

Apr. 5

Fluid vs. Stochastic / Epidemics: Introduction

Apr. 10 Epidemics on Graph: Spatial Stochastic Process  

Apr. 12

End-to-end network analysis: Min-Plus Algebra

Apr. 17 Project Presentation    

Apr. 19

Project Presentation    

Apr 24 Project Presentation  

Apr. 26

Project Presentation