ECE/CSC 792Y: Project Schedule and Slides


April 17, 2007  

   2:20PM -- 2:55PM

     Michalis Kallitsis  (slides)

Note from Michalis: I will show/demonstrate them using the following means: (i) Whiteboard, (ii) Camera that the classroom provides:  I will use the camera to show some handwritten     notes I made. That way I will spend less time than writing them from the scratch on the board. Also, I will use the camera to show part of the actual papers (e.g. parts from the Appendixes).

  3:00PM -- 3:35PM

    Ying Liao  (slides)


April 19, 2007  

   2:20PM -- 3:35PM

    Yuh-Ming Chiu / Han Cai  (slides in ppt, slides in pdf)


April 24, 2007  

   2:20PM -- 3:35PM

    Sungwon Kim / Chul-Ho Lee (slides)


April 26, 2007

   2:20PM -- 2:55PM

    Shawqi Qaed Kharbash (slides)

  3:00PM -- 3:35PM

   Georgios Plitsis  (slides1, slides2)


  7:30PM --

   Ming Zhao / Yi Xu  (slides)