You also can pursue your interests in geology through a degree in Marine Science-Geology Concentration (MGR), which combines some aspects of the geology curriculum with studies of oceanography.

Undergraduate Studies

Understanding Earth processes provides a critical framework for assessing the resources, hazards and sustainability of the Planet. An Earth Scientist’s skills are in high demand, with diverse opportunities for employment within industry, government and academia.

In the Geology curricula encompasses both Bachelors of Arts (GYA) and Bachelors of Science (GYS) degree programs. We offer a minimal set of required 'core' courses of broad scope in Geology and provide our students with plenty of room to explore more specialized topics both in, as well as outside, of the department. The Bachelors of Arts    in Geology (GYA) also offers a formal concentration in Environmental Geology.

Majoring in Earth Science at NC State University

Below you’ll find more information on some popular branches of geology, as well as suggested curriculum options that lead to strong backgrounds in: Earth History  Solid Earth Systems  & Environmental Geology

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Information on the Geology Minor

For information on undergraduate programs, contact:

Maggie Puryear (Undergraduate Advisor)


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