MEAS Offers MS and PhD Programs

in the Geological Sciences

Students applying for admission to the graduate program in the geological sciences should have an adequate background in geology and in the appropriate related sciences and mathematics (including at least a year each of chemistry, physics, and calculus). We also welcome applicants with undergraduate degrees in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering.  For information on research opportunities and study in specific areas, students are strongly encouraged to contact faculty in the research area(s) they wish to pursue, before and/or after applying to the program.

MEAS offers a number of graduate courses in the Earth sciences and allied areas of marine and atmospheric science.

ES Graduate Courses

All MEAS Graduate Courses

The ES graduate program also benefits from diverse course offerings both within NC State and at other nearby universities.  Graduate students frequently take courses in other science and engineering departments at NC State, including Soil Science, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering, Statistics, Zoology, and many others.  Also, graduate students at NC State may take graduate classes at nearby Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill.  The close proximity of three major research universities allowing cross-registration and each having complementary strengths is a unique asset of graduate programs here.

For information on the structure and requirements for graduate programs, see the MEAS Graduate Program Handbook

Apply to the graduate program online.

A wide range of information on graduate programs and graduate student life can be found at the web site of the NC State Graduate School under the links for “Future Students” and “Current Students”.

Initial offers of financial support (TA and RA positions) for the 2012-2013 academic year will be made on or around 31 January 2012.   To ensure full consideration of their applications, we recommend that potential students complete the application process by this target date.   If you anticipate that some portion of your application will be delayed, please communicate with your potential advisor.