1. Bullet Advanced Igneous Petrology (Fodor)

  2. Bullet Advanced Structural Geology (Hibbard)

  3. Bullet Appalachian Geology (Hibbard)

  4. Bullet Chemical Hydrogeology (Genereux)

  5. Bullet Dinosaur Anatomy, Physiology and Evolution (Schweitzer)

  6. Bullet Economic Geology (Kimberley)

  7. Bullet Electron Microprobe Analysis of Geologic Material (Fodor)

  8. Bullet Engineering and Environmental Geophysics (Bohnenstiehl)

  9. Bullet Mechanics of Earthquakes and Faulting (Bohnenstiehl)

  10. Bullet Geological Oceanography (Liu/Showers)

  11. Bullet Geospatial Analysis and Modeling (Mitasova)

  12. Bullet Geotectonics (Hibbard)

  13. Bullet Introduction to Geophysics (Bohnenstiehl)

  14. Bullet Isotope Hydrology (Showers)

  15. Bullet Marine Sediment Transport (Leithold)

  16. Bullet Major World River and Delta Systems (Liu)

  17. Bullet Paleontology Methods (Clarke/Schweitzer)

  18. Bullet Physical Hydrogeology (Genereux)

  19. Bullet Sedimentary Proxies (Leithold)

  20. Bullet Sound in the Ocean (Bohnenstiehl)

ES Graduate Classes in MEAS

Grads & Prospective Grads - The courses below are offered on a regular basis by MEAS faculty. Some are currently being taught as a Special Topics and therefore may not appear in the University’s Course Bulletin.