Keeping Bees Safe


Mesh Floors in Hives

Playing Booger Bear with the Food Supply

History of Agriculture

Match wits with Sherphlox Holmes the plant detective

Horticulture Trivia

Four Horticulture Oddities Explained

Landscape Design (including personal philosophy

Planting by the Signs

A Celebration of Fall

Free Enterprise System Ensures Low Food Prizes

The Gardeners Hotline

How to Buy Firewood

Discussion of Methyl Bromide Ban

Scientific Plant Names

Late Night at the Tree Reunion

Top Ten Environmental Wish List

A Celebration Of Piedmont Farmers' Market

The Suburban Warrior at the Battle of the Crabgrass

Common Sense and the Pesticide Sprayer

Momma Said Eat Your Vegetables

Momma Said Eat Your Vegetables Part 2

Suggestions on Eating Nutritious

Things That Glow in the Dark

Harvest Moon

Some Thoughts on Biotechnology

Gardening Guru Goforth Imitates Ann Landers

Gardening Guru Goforth Imitates The National Enquirer

Gardening Guru Goforth Imitates Sigmond Freud

Gardening Guru Goforth Imitates Dr Laura

Political Speech by Gardening Guru Goforth


Selecting Christmas Trees

Keeping Christmas Trees Fresh

Christmas Tree Problems

Beech Disease in Appalachian Mountains

Moss, Lichens, and Alga, O My!

Powdery Mildew on Dogwoods

Sooty Mold

Pest in the Fall Landscape

Sustainable Agriculture

Farm City Week Thoughts for the Future

Thoughts about our Food System


The Need for Urban Agriculture

Farm Preservation Districts Land

Over Fertilization

How to Buy Fertilizer

Using Wood Ashes as Fertilizer

Nitrogen Cycle

Overview of Plant Fertilization

General Fertilizer Recommendations

Taking and Interpreting Soil Test

Biological Component of Soil

Bunch Grape Selection and Growth

Apple Varieties

Native Blueberries

Growing Blueberries in Cabarrus County

Bunch Grape Diseases

Edible Roses

Thinning Apples and Peaches


Muscadine Grapes Not Setting

Post Harvest Handling of Peaches, Tomatoes and Pears

Nuts for Cabarrus County

Why Plants Don't Bloom

Common Problems on Pecans

Why You Should Plant A Blueberry

Peach Varieties for Cabarrus County

Update on Fruit Varieties (

Fruit Varieties (Oldest Article)

Home Fruit Production

Propagating Grapes by Layering

Restoring An Old Muscadine Vine

Pruning Muscadine Vines

Pecan Problems

Pecan Twig Girdlers

American Chestnut

Herb Choices for Beginners

Choosing and Growing Herbs

Herbs in the Landscape

Insect Pest of Canna

Cicadas at Work in Cabarrus County




Gall Wasp on Oaks

Ants (Household)

Insects that Cause Sooty Mold

Orchard Bee

Japanese Beetles

Pine Beetles

Giant Silkworms



Wooly Alder Aphid

Scale Insect

Seed Corn Maggots

Bee, Wasp, Hornets


Scolia Wasp and Cicada Killers


Moisture in Crawlspace


Boxelder bugs

Carpenter Ants


Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Yellow Jackets

Crane Flies


Landscape Advice (Case Study 2)

Screening Plants

Basic Landscaping Advice

Landscaping What to do First and What a Professional Can Do

Environmental Considerations in the Landscape

Riparian Buffers

Landscape Design (Review of Common Landscape Styles)

Hot and Dry Perennials

Building With Timber

Blending Colors in the Perennial Garden

Transplanting Basics

Creating a Relaxing spot in the Landscape

Landscape Advice (Case Study 1)

Ornamentals for Dry Shade

Landscaping For Birds

Landscaping For Butterflies

Lawns: What are your goals?

White Grubs in Lawns


Crabgrass 2

Weeding and Feeding the Lawn

The Ten Commandments of Lawn Care

Planting a new Lawn

Tall Fescue Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Care, Month By Month

Environmental Considerations Involving the Lawn

Bashing the Perfect Lawn Myth

Ecological Lawns

Preparations for Seeding Grass

Tall Fescue Lawn Care

Tall Fescue Renovation


Lawn Aeration

Fall Armyworm

Alex and Betsy Hitt (Market farm case study 1)

The Stealth Farmer's Market

Celebrating Farmers Markets

Why you should frequent Farmers Markets

Agricultural Alternatives For Cabarrus County

Some Thoughts on Organic Farming

Biltmore Estates (Market farm case study 2)

Determining Quality in Local Food Production

Using Grass Carp to Control Weeds in Ponds

A Forest Garden

Ornamentals and Septic Tanks

Pesticide Safety

Soil Amendments

Unnatural Plant Communities of Cabarrus County

Dealing With Red Clay

Is Mistletoe Dangerous?

Classification of Living Things with emphasis on Plants

Buy Local Meats

Wild Edibles

Local Gardens

Easter The date and what it means to Gardeners

Advise for New Gardeners

Top Ten Gardening Myths

Katrina Mulch and Other Internet Myths

Poetry By Master Gardeners Karen Winecoff

General Principles of Asexual Plant Propagation

Techniques of Asexual Plant Propagation

Controlling Erosion

Insect Zappers; Are they Effective?

Plant Juvenility

Nature Oriented Destinations

Conifers for The Landscape

Chaste Tree

Why I Don't Like Boxwoods

Favorite Plants

Native Hollies

Bloom Sequence (Case Study 1)


Rhododendron Problems

Tropical Vine is Local Curiosity

Bedding Plant Selection For Cabarrus County


A Children’s Garden

How Pansies handle the Cold

Fall Blooming Yellow Flowers

Edible Flowers

Powdery Mildew Resistance in Phlox and Bee Balm


Cut Flower Production In Cabarrus County

Spring Flowering Bulbs


House Plant Selection


Plant Propagation Practices


Why Plants Fail to Fruit



Winter Hardiness

Native Hollies

Why Plants Fail to Fruit

Watering Plants After Transplanting

Pruning Crapemyrtles

Recovering From Ice Storms

Bradford Pears

Plant Propagation Revisited

Transplanting Revisited

Horticultural Applications of Wood Chips

Bashing The Wildflower Myth

Pruning Styles

Winter Garden


Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs

Planting Azaleas and Rhododendrons

Screening Plant Selections for Problem Areas

Deer Resistant Plants

Don't Prune in the Fall

Pesticide Misconceptions

A Pesticide isn't a Pathogen

When Good Pesticides Go Bad

Pesticide Usage

Pesticide Safety

Chain Saw Safety

Christmas Tree Safety

Food Safety

Organic Vegetable Production

Open Space Preservation

Saving Vegetable Seed

Landscaping for Higher Energy Cost

Solar Greenhouse Design

Composting is Easy, Economical and Environmentally Friendly

Hard Questions for Organic Agriculture

The Economics of Vegetable Gardening

Why You Should Plant a Tree

Storm Damage Recovery

Will The Best Tree Please Step Forward

Yellow Poplar and Black Gum

Long Leaf Pine

Tree Planting

Fast Growing Trees

Direct Seeding Trees

Suburban Reforestation

Hiring Tree Professionals

Gardening Guru Goforth Response to Dumb News Reporter

Forest Management

Tree Decay

Problem Trees

Memorial Trees

Tree Care after Transplanting

Trees Have Roots Too

Fertilizing Mature Trees

Tree Decay

Tree Risk Assessment

Advice for Beginning Gardeners

Putting up Vegetables

Gardening near Septic Tanks and Leach Fields

Composting A Component Approach

Cover Crops

Irish Potato Problems

Staking Tomatoes

Peanuts for The Home Garden


Sweet Corn

Advanced Gardening Tips

Gardening Getting Started

Cover Crops Revisited

Hardening Vegetable Transplants

Transplant Production for The Home Gardener

Beginning Gardening

Soil Management Principles

Tips for Advanced Gardeners

Vegetable Nutrition Revisited

Transplant Production (Take 2)

Gardening When it Counts

Saving Vegetable Seed


What it takes to Grow a Tomato

Lima Beans

Seed Catalogues

Vegetable in a Bottle

Winter Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable Variety Selection

Vegetable Planting

Vegetable Crop Rotation

Drip Irrigation for the Home Vegetable Garden

Weeds in The Home Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden Planning

Post Harvest Handling for the Vegetable Garden



Groundwater Revisited

Drought and Cabarrus County

Global Warming and Landscaping

Aquatic Weeds

Aquatic Weeds Part 2

Poison Ivy

Tough Weeds

Home Remedies for Weed Control

No Till Wildlife Food Plots

Landscaping For Birds

Gardening For Butterflies


Hummingbird Plants for Cabarrus County

Managing Fish Ponds For Large Bream

Wildlife Food Plots for Deer