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A Case Study in Instructional Design
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400Hhz Processor (Mac or PC)
256 color capable graphics card/display
Sound Card and speakers

IE 5.x or Netscape 4.7x
Macromedia Flash Plugin (download)


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Instructor and Web Project Leader:

Diane D. Chapman, Ed.D
Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Adult and Community College Education
North Carolina State University

Original Authors:

This case was originally prepared for EAC 781: Advanced Instructional Design at North Carolina State University Spring 2001. Authors of the case are Chrys Browne, Randy Egsegian, and Leah Wallace. All characters in this case are completely fictional and are not meant to represent any characters living or deceased.

Web Development Team:

John Earo, Instructional Designer and Web Developer
Mike Cuales, Multimedia Specialist
David Howard, Instructional Designer


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