The NCSA Line-up at Runway 23

Let's get that tow-plane moving; the cu's are popping!

Heading home

 37W (Harnett County Airport, my home-base) is just above center, across the Cape Fear river:

Made it!

Our Schweitzer 1-26, taking a brief rest under beautiful soaring conditions:

One more spin, then we're out of altitude

Over the top; kick the rudder; nose to the ground! A few more antics in our Blanik L13 before the day is done.


I have an interest in disproving all that is known, and avoiding all normalcy in my pursuit (except for an occasional coffee break).

I also spend alot of time bicycling, and doing almost anything that is considered `outdoors', (although not enough). And now, that includes soaring with the NCSA (some recent pictures shown above; more on my bicycle tour page), rock climbing (usually at Pilot Mountain or NCSU's Indoor Fauxrock Wall), and occasionally white-water canoeing (here, at New River Gorge).

I did just finish a month-long bicycle tour through the Rocky Mountains, last Summer, with a very dear friend from Germany. We traveled through Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado; then jet'd over to Asheville, North Carolina, where we bicycled up toward Mt. Mitchell, to show we hadn't had enough. This was our first major bicycle tour, and we packed enough to prove it -- completely self-sufficient, loving every minute of it! I will put my diary of this trip and some pictures up on my home page as soon as I get a chance.

More clues to my existence might be found in my signature, in my other links to the `Information Superhighway', or around my office.

Oh, and one more thing you must know about me... I hate computers!!!
(which stems from my desire to make them better, or visa-versa ;-)

And if that's not enough to go on, just ask me!

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