SIAM-SEAS 1997 Speakers/Titles
Dennis, John   Optimization Using Surrogate Objectives        
Miller, Cass T.   Recent Advances in Object-Oriented Scientific Computing      
Arnold, Douglas   Adaptive finite elements and colliding black holes      
Abell, M. CP-S2 Projects for Undergraduate Mathematics Courses        
Anderson, William L. CP-S2 Salient Assemblage Representation of Multidimensional, recursive, Deforming Geometry  
Anderson, William L. CP-F2 Optimization by Geodesic Computation on the Constraint Manifold    
Banoczi, J. CP-F3 A Multilevel Method for 1-Dimensional Conductive-Radiative Heat Transfer    
Batzel CP-S4 Modeling the Respiratory-Cardiovascular System        
Bradie, Brian CP-S2 An Undergraduate Course in Mathematical Modeling One Instructor's Perspective  
Butera, J. CP-S1 A Non-Scaling Dispersion Model for Contaminant Transport via Random Processes  
Camurdan, M ST-S Control Problems in Noise Reduction          
Chen, M-Q CP-F4 Stability of Two-Dimensional Discrete Systems with Periodic Coefficients    
Chen, M-Q CP-S1 A Direction Set Based Algorithm for Adaptive Filtering}      
Cho CP-S6 Sensitivity of Eigenvalues of a Defective Matrix        
Choi, T. D. CP-F4 Preconditioned Projected Newton for the Elasto-Plastic Torsion Problem    
Davis MS Computer Architectures for PetaFlop Systems        
Dolan, M. CP-S4 On the Existence of Cycles in the Collatz 3x+1 Problem      
Emeric CP-F5 Modeling of non-symmetrical damage in plate-like structures ...    
Epperson, James F. CP-S4 Thoughts on the Choice of Regularization Parameter for Ill-posed Problems    
Ervin CP-S4 Estimating the Thermal Conductivity of Composites using Homogenization    
Ford, J. CP-F4 Optimization Using Multi-step Quasi-Newton Methods      
Funderlic MS Minimizing Execution Time with Regard to Processor and Problem Distributions  
Galinaitis, W. S. ST-S Compensation for hysteresis using bivariate Preisach models      
Gerlach CP-S6 Mathematical Principles in Holography          
Gruendler, J. CP-S5 The Existence of Homoclinic Manifolds in a Model for Chaotic Oscillations of a Buckled Elastic Beam
Hunter, C. CP-S5 The Accurate Computation of Integrals of Cauchy Type      
Jiang, J. ST-F Using Latent Semantic Indexing for Data Mining        
Kepler CP-S5 Simulation of Fluid Flow in a High-Pressure MOCVD Reactor      
Klibanov, Michael CP-S1 Fast Numerical Method For Inverse Problem In Diffusion And Wave Tomography    
Kime CP-S3 Control via a Moving Potential Barrier        
Kurbatskii, K. ST-S Cartesian Boundary Treatment of Curved Walls for High-Order Computational Aeroacoustics Schemes
Lucas, Thomas CP-S1 Numerical Implementation of the Elliptic Systems Method for Inverse Scattering Problems  
Lybeck CP-F1 Modeling Simple Extension and Simple Shear in Elastomers      
Marchand, R. CP-F2 Convergence rates for Semidiscrete Finite Element Approximations of Dynamic Nonlinear Shallow Shells
Marszalek CP-S6 Singularity Induced Bifurcation in Differential Algebraic Equations    
McDevitt, T. CP-F1 A Perturbation Approach to the Whirling of Elastic Tubes      
Mishev, I. CP-F3 Finite Volume Element Methods for Nonsymmetric and Nondefinite Problems    
Omrani, A. ST-S Application of Biburcation Theory to Generalized Roscoe Methods ...    
Plemmons MS Large-Scale Computations in Optical Imaging        
Pouliot, G. CP-S5 A Computational Comparison of Semi_Lagrangian and Eulerian Methods    
Reneke, J. CP-S3 Linear Feedback Control of Nonlinear Systems with a Dominating Conservative Quadratic Term
del Rosario CP-S3 LQR Control of Shell Vibrations via Piezoceramic Actuators      
Segal CP-S6 Flow through a Multibranching Airway          
Shen, H. ST-F Numerical Simulation of Axisymmetric Jet Screech        
Steill, J. ST-F The Application of Multiplicative Schwarz and Eigenvector Translation Preconditioning ...
Tocci, M. CP-F2 Nonlinear Solver Issues in the Method of Lines Solution of Richards' Equation  
Varatharajah, P. CP-S1 Propagation of Light Channel in a Nonlinear Tapered Waveguide      
Vouk MS Regional Training Center for Parallel Processing        
Wang ST-S Uniform Boundary Stabilization of Kirchhoff Plate with Nonlinear Boundary Damping  
White, R. E. CP-S2 Multisplittings Methods: an Optimal Scheme for the Unknowns in a Given Overlap  
White, J. CP-F3 Stability of a Second-Order Conservative Semi-Lagrangian Scheme ...    
Wilson, D. CP-S6 An Automated Algorithm For Analysis of 2-D Echocardiographic Short-Axis Images  
Witter, D. ST-F DownDating the Latent Semantic Indexing Model For Information Retrieval    
Zhang, B. CP-S4 Asymptotic Stability of Linear Volterra Equations        
Zhang, Y. CP-S3 Stress-strain Relationship for Carbon Black and Silicon Filled Elastomers