C. T. Kelley: Submitted for Publication

C. T. Kelley: Papers Submitted for Publication

C. T. Kelley, Implicit Filtering and Hidden Constraints
2014, Book Chapter for Advances and Trends in Optimization with Engineering Applications, SIAM, Tamas Terlaky, Miguel Anjos and Shabbir Ahmed, eds"

J. Nance and C. T. Kelley, A Sparse Interpolation Algorithm for Dynamical Simulations in Computational Chemistry, 2014, submitted for publication.

O. J. Eslinger, C. Winton, J. R. Ballard, S. E. Howington, A. Fregosi, K. Ward, and C. T. Kelley, Estimating Sampling Distributions of Apparent Thermal Diffusivity for Partially Saturated Soils
2014, submitted for publication.

A. Toth and C. T. Kelley, Convergence Analysis for Anderson Acceleration
2013, Submitted for publication.

J. Willert, X. Chen, and C. T. Kelley, Newton's Method for Monte Carlo-Based Residuals
2013, Submitted for publication.

` Steady state determination of chemical process plants by legacy dynamic process models,
A. Kavouras, C. Georgakis, I. G. Kevrekidis, and C. T. Kelley, January, 2005.

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