C. T. Kelley: Publications in press

C. T. Kelley: Publications in Press

    J. Nance, E. Jakubikova, and C. T. Kelley, Reaction Path Following with Sparse Interpolation
    2014, to appear in J. Chem. Th. Comp.

    J. Willert, C. T. Kelley, D. Knoll, and H. K. Park, A Hybrid Deterministic/Monte Carlo Method for Solving the k-Eigenvalue Problem with a Comparison to Analog Monte Carlo Solutions
    , to appear in Trans Th Stat Phys, 2014.

    Z. Hu, R. Smith, J. Willert, and C. T. Kelley, HDMR applied to the 1-D, Single Speed Neutron Transport k-Eigenvalue Problem,
    to appear in Nuclear Sci Eng.

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